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PDFill 14.0 or earlier registered users are FREE to upgrade to 15.0 Professional! Just uninstall the older version and install the newer one! If you have technical problem, please report to support.

Here are the new functions added to PDFill 15.0 (Build 3)
(Updated Feb 6, 2022)

Download PDFill PDF Editor 15.0 (32Bit/64Bit) for XP/2003/2008/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10
Also Support XP/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10 Tablet

Build 3:  A few bugs fixed

            Shortcut Changes: Thumbnail/Ctrl+M,  Edit the Shape Text/Ctrl+T
If Shortcuts Stop working, Use View Menu => Reset all Toolbars to the default values


PDFill PDF Editor Enterprise 15.0

Build 2:

Office Shape: Recently Used Shapes, Lines, Rectangles, Basic Shapes, Block Arrows, Equation Shapes, Flowchart, Stars and Banners, Callouts, Action Buttons

Custom Shapes

Fill Mode for Group Object

PDFill PDF Editor Professional 15.0

Build 2:

A few bugs fixed.

Callout: A Grouped Object with a Multiple Line Text with Arrow. The Arrow can be edited as a curve.

Rectangle Shape:
   Corner Option: All/Left-Top/Left-Bottom/Right-Bottom/Right-Top
   Shape Option: None/Round/Snip/Round In,
   Radius: For each corner

Circle Shape:
    Full Circle,  Arc, Pie, Chord, Full Teardrop

    Support PDF and Image Input with Page DPI
    Text Layer Only PDF
    DOS Command: Searchable PDF, Text Layer Only PDF, HOCR File, TSV File


PDFill PDF Editor Professional 14.0

Build 2:

A few bug fixed.

PDFill Save the PDFill Objects: Folder Option, Add Before Option; Selected Saving object moving along with the mouse.

Edit Menu => Take a Snapshot: Copy Part of PDF Page into Clipboard
PDFill Options => General =>Snapshot DPI: Default is 150 dpi

Insert Menu => Check Box Menu => Cross, Tick, Radio and Dot

New Option for Export and Import Form Data:  UseRow and SheetName

Dos Command for Barcode: Add options for Rotation, Background Color and Position
Dos Command for Merge: -bookmark 1
Dos Command for Export or Import using Excel: -UseRow 1 -Append "12" -SheetName "Sheet2"

Build 1:

Uninstall the older PDFill products during the new installation.
Save Option inside Watermark by Text.
Change Case inside Text Editor: lower case, UPPER CASE, Capitalize Each Word, tOGGLE cASE, Sentence case.
Open New PDF or PFL with All File Types.
Export PDF as Text File or Image File from File Menu => Export
Color Pick function for Font Color, Ink Color, Line and Fill Color;
Remove some icons from Standard Toolbar;
Allow the same file name to be saved.
Add PDFill's own Print function.
Allow the redacted object Copied across pages
Align the PDFill objects Horizontally or Vertically of the Page Center
Add an option to deactivate the license during the uninstall.
Single Line Text is converted into Multiple Line Text When "ENTER" Key is typed.

Toolbar to remove the icons: PDFill Options =>View: Select a Toolbar => Select to Hide or Show the icons

Insert invisible text to make it searchable: Single Line Text, Multiple Line Text, Watermark By Text => Stroke Type => Type of Striking: Fill, Strike, Fill and Strike, Invisible and Searchable

PDF Form Maker to create JavaScript Code automatically

  • Format: Number with Decimal Places, Separator Style, Negative Number Style, Currency Symbol;  Percentage with Decimal Places, Separator Style; 24 Date Options;  4 Time Options; Special with Zip Code, Zip Code + 4, phone Number, Social Security Number, Arbitrary Mask
  • Validate => Select an Example => 0<N<100; 0<=N<=100;  Read only and Grayed out

  • Calculate => Select an Example => Average, Sum, Product, Minimum, Maximum, Custom

Document Menu => FREE OCR to convert Image into searchable PDF

Document Menu => Operations on Pages (Insert, Extract, Replace, Rotate, Crop...) => Rotate Page Clockwise / Rotate Page Counter Clockwise

Document Menu => FREE PDF Optimizer

Document Menu => FREE Extract Text and Image

Select Original Texts:

  • Highlight Original Text (FREE Comment)
  • Strikethrough Original Text (FREE Comment)
  • Underline Original Text (FREE Comment)
  • Squiggly Original Text (FREE Comment)
  • Add Note To Replace Text (FREE Comment)
  • Add Note to Text (FREE Comment)
  • Create Link (Comment)
  • Add Bookmark
  • Search Google for (FREE)
  • Copy Original Text to Clipboard (FREE)
  • Delete Selected Objects
  • Replace with a Single Line Text
  • Select All, Deselect, Exit Selection.

Select Original Images:

  • Copy Image to Clipboard (FREE)

  • Extract Image to File (FREE)

  • Replace with a new Image

  • Delete

  • Deselect, Exit Selection

Make Original Comment Editable:  

  • Right Click Menu to the Original Object with Options: Current Object's Properties, Delete Current Object, Edit Current Original Comment;

  • Edit Menu => Make Original Comment Editable => Current Original Object, Edit Entire Original Comments, Select Original Comment by Click or Drag, Delete Original Comments Only, Delete All Original Comments;

  • From the Property of Original Comment: add a button to Make Original Object Editable

Overlay a PDF Page Like an Image:

  • Insert Menu =>Image or PDF Page => Insert PDF Page Like Image

  • Add Watermark by a PDF Page on PDF Pages

  • DOS Command to Add Watermark by a PDF page

Image Object, Watermark by Image:  Add Frame Line and Fill Color

Add new PDF Batch Commands:

PDF Optimizer
PDFill.exe Optimizer Input.pdf Output.pdf flagSettings Resolution MaxInlineImage  AutoRotatePage ColorModel CompressFont

Extracting text inside PDF from the selected pages
PDFill.exe ExtractText Input.pdf Output.txt TextOption1to7 UnicodeTextFortmat OutputPageSeparately -SelectPages "1-2" -HeaderText  "Test<<Page 1 of n>>"

Extracting Image inside PDF document from the selected pages.
PDFill.exe  ExtractImage Input.pdf Output.bmp -SelectPages "1-2"

OCR function converts Image into searchable PDF
OCR Input.BMP Output.PDF

PDFill PDF Tools 14.0

  • Free PDF Tools 1: Merge Multiple PDF files into one file
    Add Bookmark using File Name (Professional User Only)
    Total Pages
  • Free PDF Tools 5: Reformat PDF
    Fix a bug inside Reformat as Page Rotation of  180, 270
  • Free PDF Tools 7: Add PDF Watermark by Text
    Save Option as a Name (Professional User Only)
  • Free PDF Tools 9: Convert Images to PDF:
    Use Image Compress (Professional User Only)

PDFill PDF Writer 14.0

PDFill PDF Editor 13.0

Build 6:

Highlight Comment: Add Style (Rectangle, Oval, Round, Cross-out, Underline, Squiggly)

New Link Comment

Comment Drawing Tools: Line, Arrow, Rectangle, Oval, Polygon, Cloud, Connected Lines

DOS Command supports Barcode Generator for PDF Page

DOS Command supports Input File Folder and Output File Folder (Encrypt, Decrypt, Crop, Rotate, Reformat,  Header and Footer, Watermark by Text, Watermark by Image, Barcode)

Dos Command => Header or Footer =>Support Multiple Lines, Date Format, and Bates Number <<Bates#6#Offset#100>>

Make Original Comment Editable:  

  • Right Click Menu to the Original Object with Options: Current Object's Properties, Delete Current Object, Edit Current Original Comment;

  • Edit Menu => Make Original Comment Editable => Current Original Object, Edit Entire Original Comments, Select Original Comment by Click or Drag, Delete Original Comments Only, Delete All Original Comments;

  • From the Property of Original Comment: add a button to Make Original Object Editable

Lock/Unlock Objects:

  • Edit Menu => Align Tools => Group or Lock Objects => Lock the Selected Object, Unlock all the Objects;

  • Right Click Menu => Lock the Selected Object

 Build 5:

Add Head, Foot and

Use Bates Number as the New File Name

Combo/List Form Field Multiple Line

DOS Command for Rotation/Crop: Landscape and Portrait

Fix A bug for "Select to Edit" Under Right Click Menu

File Menu => New Blank Page =>Insert Multiple Blank Pages

Fix a bug for GIF compression

Search Text Function: PDFill Objects and Original Text

Select Original Images: Copy Image to Clipboard, Extract Image to File, Replace with a new Image, Delete, Deselect, Exit Selection

Build 4:

Require Microsoft .NET Framework 4 from 2.0

Fix a Bug in Deskew and add DPI Option for Deskew Page

Fix a Bug in the Open PDF File

Fix a Bug of "Parameter is incorrect"

Show the original Push Button and  Signature Form Field for deletion and editing

PDF Redaction => Delete Original Image Only: Select part of Image

PDF Redaction => Delete Original Text Only: Select part of a sentence

PDF Redaction => Delete All Original Contents: Image, Text, Shape, Comment and Form Field

PDF Redaction => Delete All Original PDF Comments

Build 3:

Use Redaction / Eraser Color;

Delete Original Image Only: Extract Image, Replace with a new Image;

Delete Original Text Only: Copy Text to Clipboard; Replace with a Single Line Text;

Delete Original Shape Only;

Delete Original Text and Shape;

Delete Original PDF Comment;

  • Document Menu => Select a file to Extract the original images

  • Rotate Option using Combo Box for Single Line /Multiple Line Text /Image /Shapes /Curves /Stamps


  • Option to show/hide the Ruler

  • Redesign PDF Document Management Menu and Toolbar:

Document Menu =>More Operations on Pages => Insert Pages, Extract Pages, Replace Pages, Rotate Pages, Crop Pages, Crop Page Visually, Page Actions

New Function: Crop Page Visually by Mouse Dragging

Text Run Direction: Default Run Direction; No Bidirectional Reordering; Left To Right (LTR); Right To Left (RTL).

Arabic Shaping: None; Eliminate Vowels; Compose Tashkeel; Extra Double Ligatures.

  • Image Insert 4 Options: Signature Image from File; Image from File; Image from Clipboard; Image from Scanner; Image from Saved Images
  • Add Image Processing for Image Object: Make It Transparent, Rotate Right 90, Rotate Left 90, Rotate 180, Flip Vertical, Flip Horizontal, Invert Color, Make it Gray, Make it Black/White, Scale 75%/50%/25%

  • PDFill Options => Default => PDFill Type Start With: Selection, SingleLine Text, MultipleLine Text, Check Box, Image, Line, Arrow, Curve, Ink Pen, Ink Marker, Ink Highlighter
    PDFill Options => Default => Font Property Selection: Font Encode, Font Name, Font Style, Font Align, Font Size, Font Color
    PDFill Options => Default =>  Drawing Property Selection:  Line Size, Line Color, Dashed Style, Arrow Begin Style, Arrow End Style, Arrow Begin Size, Arrow End Size
    PDFill Options => View => Choose GUI Style =>NO Action, Default GUI (Reset All Toolbars), GUI for Sketchers

For each license, you can only activate on two different machines. Choose Help Menu => Enter Registration Code => Activate.

To install the software on a different computer, you must first deactivate the license on your current computer.
Choose Help Menu => Enter Registration Code => Deactivate.

Show Evaluation Dialog if not activated. Option to hide this dialog.

PDFill PDF Editor 12.0

  • PDFill PDF 3D to convert U3D Model into PDF 3D format so that the end user can view/rotate/zoom/section 3D Model inside free Adobe Reader.

  • PDF Form Field Recognition by Clicking: Text Field over a line; Text Field inside a Box; Text Field with Combo Chars by inside a Box; Check box inside a Box; Radio Button by inside a Box.

  • PDF Barcode: QR Code, Datamatrix, PDF417

  • Push Button Form Field: New options for Label and Icon Layout, Add image as Icon, Scale Option. You can create a button form field to insert a PDF file with Adobe Reader XI. If you want to insert image, you can use Free PDF Tool to convert image into PDF.

  • Add a New Digital Signature Form Field.

  • Redesign the Right Click Menus: Add Option to Show Page Grid, Form Field Name, Tab Order.

  • Redesign the Cut/Copy/Paste functions.

  • Multiple Object Copy for all inserted PDFill Objects.

  • Duplicate the object across the pages.

  • Ink State is kept after page navigation.

  • Add a function to Show/Hide Grid Lines.

  • Extract PDF into Text with options.

  • Update Code Signing Certificate.

  • PDF Dates to remove 6 digit limit as appear inside Adobe Acrobat

  • PDFill Options=>System=>Add Option to read pages.

  • Fix a bug in Document=>Insert Pages and Replace Page.

  • PDF Link & PDF Action: Submit Entire PDF by Email: Email To, CC, BCC, Title, and Body Text.

  • AutoFill List: Inside Text Editor, Right Click => Save this Text into AutoFill List or Select a Text from AutoFill List.

  • PDF Saving Option => Advanced Tab.

    Print Dialog Presets: Page Scaling, DuplexMode, Paper Source by Page Size, Print Page Range, Number of Copies
    PDF Settings: Base URL, Trapped
    Reading Options: Binding, Language

  • PDFill Options=>System=>Script Text File for Batch Error Message

  • PDFill Options => Form=> Add Option to show the Hidden Original Form Field; Add Option to Edit the Read-Only Original Form Field; Add Option to Show/Hide New Text Form Field's Property Dialog

  • PDF Optimizer: Document Menu => PDF Optimizer: Create PDF files optimized for Screen, Ebook (online uses), Printer, Prepress (high resolution and embedded fonts) or Default (wide variety of uses).

  • Page Numbering: Add new Key Words: all, last. ( even, odd, reverse).

  • Document Menu => Extract Pages using File Size (1.50MB) or Top Level Bookmark

  • Document Menu => Extract Phttps://www.pdfill.com/document_pages_extract.htmlages (Select a PDF File) using Pages, File Size (1.50MB) or Top Level Bookmark

  • Add new PDF Batch Commands:

Add Page Option to Rotate and Crop PDF Pages:
-page "1,3-6, last"

Add Page Not Shown Options to Header or Footer, Watermark by Text and Watermark Image:
-pageNotShown  "1,3-6, last"

Flatten a PDF form
"C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" Flatten Input.pdf Output.pdf

Extract a PDF into a serial of pages using Top Level Bookmark
"C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" EXTRACT BOOKMARK Input.pdf Output.pdf

Extract a PDF into a serial of pages using File Size
"C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" EXTRACT 1.50MB Input.pdf Output.pdf

Delete PDF Pages selected into a new PDF
"C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" DELETE "1,3-6,10,13,24,last,4-last,even" Input.pdf Output.pdf

PDFill PDF Tools 12.0

  • Free PDF Tools 14 - Free Scanner (Scan to Image or Scan to PDF):
    Make WIA method as the default method.
    Add an option to overwrite the existing file. If unset, the file name will be increased by 1 automatically.

  • Free PDF Tools 2: Split, Reorder or Delete PDF Pages:
    Add "last" Tag as the last page.

  • Free PDF Tools 9: Convert Images to PDF:
    Add a function to Use Image Size to decide Page Size with DPI

  • Add View => Toolbar's Icon Size => 16 x 16 point, 24 x 24 point and 32 x 32 point

PDFill PDF Writer 12.0

  • Add View => Toolbar's Icon Size => 16 x 16 point, 24 x 24 point and 32 x 32 point
  • PDFill PDF Button for Office 2013

PDFill PDF Editor 11.0 

  • No Need for Java and Microsoft .Net 2.0 is required..
  • Add Thumbnail View from View Menu and View Toolbar to display a preview of the pages:
    To select a single page, click the left mouse button inside a page;
    To unselect all selected pages, click the left mouse button outside a page;
    To select multiple pages, hold the left mouse button to draw a box outside the pages;
    To select or unselect one by one, hold "Ctrl" key and click the left mouse button inside page;
    To select or unselect in a range of pages, hold "Shift" key and click the left mouse button inside page;
    Right click inside a page to Delete , Extract and Replace the selected pages;
    Right click between pages to Move selected Pages, Insert Blank Page, Insert New Pages from another PDF;
    Right click to Reduce or Enlarge Page Thumbnails, Select or Unselect a Page;
    Rearrange pages by Drag and Drop the thumbnail images. A box flashes between pages to indicate position.
  • View Toolbar: Add two buttons of Page Up/Page Down.
  • PDFill Options=>Tablet Tab: When Tablet Mode is used, Tabbed Toolbar and Bigger Icon size are set as default.
  • Warning of Blurry Image if Page DPI is less than 60.
  • Document Management/Crop PDF Page: Add Spin Control for the margin of Left, Right, Top and Bottom.
  • Automatic Tab Order feature:
    PDF Form Fields => Set Tab Order => New Tab Order Automatically:
    The current page's tab order will be calculated according to the center of new added objects from Top to Bottom and from Left to Right.
  • Add Reset and Cancel Buttons for Document Menu/Header and Footer
  • Add "Inherit Zoom" for Bookmark:
    PDF Document Management=>PDF Bookmark=>Fit by Point and Zoom=>Click Button "Inherit Zoom"
    PDF Document Management=>PDF Bookmark=>Select an Option "Inherit Zoom"
  • Deskew PDF Page (Build 3): Document Menu=>Page Deskew: Select Pages to Deskew; Draw a line to Deskew; Deskew Page Automatically. The deskewed page can be rotated, moved, scaled like an image.
  • PDF Layer (Build 3):  View Menu=>PDF Layers. You can add and delete a layer. You can set a layer's properties: New Layer after or under; Layer Name; Group Title Only; Show or Hide Layer; Show Layer On Panel; Locked; Initial State of Visibility, Print or Export; Set Zoom Factor of Min and Max; Belong to a Radio Button Group; Set or Clear the default layer.

PDFill PDF Editor 10.0:  Support Win 8 and Tablet PC, PDF Ink Annotator, Undo/Redo, Saved Stamps, PDF Initial View Options, Tabbed Toolbars and Bigger Icon Size, 12 Blend Modes, WIA Scanning, Batch Commands, Move PDF Pages and more&

  • PDF Ink Annotator: Pen/Marker/Highlighter, Selection/Deletion, Undo/Redo, Ink Color/Width, Pressure-Sensitive Pen, Auto Smooth Free Hand to Straight lines, Set Ink's Default Properties.

  • Support Windows 8.

  • Support Windows Tablet (XP, Win7, Win8).
    From PDFill Options, select "Tablet":
    Select "Use Tablet Mode"; Select "Selection Diameter" to 24 pixels; Show Cursor inside Selection Circle

  • PDFill Options, select "View" Tab:
    Choose Toolbar's Icon Size: 16 x 16, 24 x 24 or 32 x 32 point.
    Choose to use "Tab Toolbar Mode": All toolbars will be put under a Tab View.
    Add Options to Hide each Toolbar.

  • Redesign the Initial View of PDF Saving Option: 
    Page Layout, Navigation Tab, Exit Full-Screen, Magnification, Open to Page, Show Document Title, Resize window, Center Window, Hide Menu Bar, Hide Tool bars, Hide Window Controls. 

  • Add a Document Toolbar.

  • Add a button in the Dialog of AutoFill List for PDF Form Fields: Import name/value from current filled PDF form fields.

  • Check the field name of the new Form Field to make sure that they are the same field type.

  • New Text Field's Properties: Combo of Max Characters to spread the user-entered text evenly across the width of the text field.

  • PDF Comment/Stamp Tool works on the rotated PDF.

  • PDF Comment/Highlight: New Design to use Transparency 0 and Multiply Blend Mode

  • PDF Filler/Highlight: New Design to use Transparency 0 and Multiply Blend Mode

  • Add Keystrokes for Document functions.

  • Reverse for Page Renumbering

  • Dynamic Stamps:
    Add Option to not have the filling color.
    Add Option to use the date and user name when the PDF is opened. 
    Copy this stamp Object to all the pages

  • Add 12 Blend Modes: Normal, Multiply, Screen, Overlay, Darken, Lighten, ColorDodge, ColorBurn, HardLight, SoftLight, Difference, Exclusion.

  • Image Stamp: Add 12 Blend Modes; Overall Transparency; Make it Transparent

  • SingleLine/MultipleLine Text,  Check, Line, Arrow, Rectangle/Circle, Basic Shapes and Curve: Add 12 Blend Modes.

  • Image Object: Add 12 Blend Modes and Overall Transparency.

  • Watermark by Text: Add 12 Blend Modes. More default rotating degrees.

  • Watermark by Image: Add 12 Blend Modes; Overall Transparency; More default rotating degrees.

  • The Opacity for all comment and stamp Objects: Using Slider bar for convenience instead of Text Box input.

  • Add a function to Move pages to a new Location
    Document=>Page Renumbering => Move the selected Pages Before or After new Page Location

  • Fixed the color shading problem for the transparent objects. 

  • The performance of drawing image is increased greatly.

  • Add an option for the Single Color Selection Tolerance so that the colors that are close to the selected color can also be selected;
    PDFill PDF Filler : Image Tool =>Make it Transparent
    Document Menu => Add PDF Watermark by Image => Make it Transparent
  • Add function to support the Comment (Line, Polyline, Cloud or Curve) on the rotated PDF pages.
  • Add Default Zoom Selection (Fit in Window, Actual Size, Fit in Width)
  • Add option to scan using WIA instead of TWAIN method so that Both TWAIN and WIA are supported.
  • Check box/Radio Button Form Field: Make Square as the default
    Right Click Menu
    Form Field: Use Default Whiteout Color as the Fill Color
  • Add new PDF Batch Commands:
    Merge all PDFs under a folder into a new PDF
    Extract a PDF into a serial of single or multiple pages
    Encrypt or Decrypt a PDF
    Rotate or Crop PDF Pages
    Reformat PDF Pages
    Add Header or Footer on PDF Pages
    Add Watermark by Text on PDF Pages
    Add Watermark by Image on PDF Pages
    Convert Images to PDF
    Convert PDF into Image
    Export and Import Metadata Information

PDFill FREE PDF Tools 10.0:

  • Fix the crash problem on a very few computer when a PDF file is selected.
  • Free PDF Tools 1 - Merge Multiple PDF files into one file:
    Add an option to select all the PDF files under a folder.

  • Free PDF Tools 2: Split, Reorder or Delete PDF Pages
    Add Reverse for Reorder PDF Pages
  • Free PDF Tools 4: Rotate and Crop PDF Pages
    Redesign the interface
  • Free PDF Tools 9: Convert Images to PDF
    Add all Images under a Folder
  • Free PDF Tools 10 - Convert PDF to images:
    Add a File Save as Dialog

  • Free PDF Tools 14 - Free Scanner (Scan to Image or Scan to PDF):
    Add an option to choose TWAIN or WIA method so that Both TWAIN and WIA are supported.

  • Free PDF Tools 15: Create Transparent Image:
    Add an option for the Single Color Selection Tolerance so that the colors that are

  • Add View Menu: Menu Style, Units, System Information, Reset all Parameters, Windows (Places this Dialog above all other windows, Show Max Icon, Show Scroll Bar, 480 x 360, 640 x 480, 800 x 600)

PDFill FREE PDF Writer 10.0:

  • Add a BUSY flag when it is converting PS to PDF

  • Add Time Stamp (Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second) to the file name.


PDFill PDF Editor 9.0:

  • Fix a bug related "xmp:ModifyDate not bound" or "Invalid Characters" error.
  • New function "PDF Object Remover" is added to remove original PDF Objects (Text, Image, Drawing and Annotation). This is still in Beta Stage.
  • The digital signature is updated on Jan 24, 2011.
  • New function to copy the email with the code section and paste into registration form automatically.
  • New Zoom Functions:
    Marquee Zoom Tool:  Drag a rectangle around a portion of the page to zoom into this area Or Click to increase the magnification.
    Dynamic Zoom Tool:  zoom in when you drag it up the page and zoom out when you drag down.
  • PDFill Options:  Resume Last project on Opening, Warning to save Project File in Minutes.
  • The new installation EXE doesn't require "Right Click to Run as Administrator".
    Add option to Create PDF Button inside Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
    Add option to Create PDFill Button into Microsoft Internet Explorer.
    Add option to Create PDFill Button into Quick Launch and SentTo.
  • PDF Form Maker:  Add the default value for Combo/List Form Field, Add multiple selection for List Form Field;
  • PDF Form Filler: Fix a few bugs for Combo/List Form Field.
  • Removes the usage rights that PDF may have.
  • The blurred bug for the scanned image is fixed.
  • Add Polyline and Polygon Comment Tool.
  • Add Cloud Comment Tool.
  • Add Cloud Option to Commenting Text Box. Change Comment Border Style in the Adobe way and also with custom input.
  • Add a function to Insert Image from Clipboard.
  • The comments created by PDFill can be read into PDFill.
  • Add a function to Summary of Comments into a text file.
  • Add a new Comment Stamp Type:
    Sign Here Stamps:
    Witness, Initial Here, Sign Here, Accepted and Rejected.

    Standard Business Stamps:
    Approved, Not Approved, Draft, Final, Completed, Confidential,  For Public Release, Not For Public Release, For Comment, Void, Preliminary Results, and Information Only.

    Dynamic Stamps:
    Revised, Reviewed, Received, Approved, Confidential and Custom Text Stamp.

    Image Stamps:
    Image from File or from Clipboard
  • Document=>Page Extraction:  Add an option to extract multiple pages instead of a single page as separate files.
  • For the registered user, the producer information can be changed.
  • Fix a bug when reading the project file under a web link.
  • You can read your bookmarks into PDFill for editing, import a XML Text file into PDFill, export bookmarks into a XML Text file and export the bookmark's title into a text file.
    Two batch Commands for Bookmark are added:

Import a XML Bookmark file into a PDF
"C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" IMPORT BOOKMARK Input.xml Input.pdf Output.pdf

Export PDF's Bookmark into a XML file
"C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" EXPORT BOOKMARK Input.pdf Output.xml

  • Redesign Import/Export with Microsoft Excel. Read from or write into Excel's column name to allow multiple sets of form data inside one Excel file. Use Column Name "B" instead of "FORMDATA" for Batch Command:

    "C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" IMPORT XLS B Input.xls Input.pdf Output.pdf

    "C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" IMPORT XLS B Input.xls Input.pdf Flatten Output.pdf    (to Flatten the Output.pdf)

    //Output to Column B
    "C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" EXPORT Input.pdf B Output.XLS

    //Append the field values to Column C
    "C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" EXPORT Input.pdf APPEND C Output.XLS
 PDFill FREE PDF Tools 9.0:
  • Support reading image as *.tiff and *.jpeg.

  • Free PDF Tools 2 - PDF Page Split/Reorder/Delete:
    Add an option to extract multiple pages instead of a single page as separate files.
    Reverse for Page Renumbering


  • Free PDF Tools 13 - For the registered user, the producer information can be changed.

PDFill FREE PDF Writer 9.0:

  • Add Option to control the days to delete the tmp ps files.

  • Add Option to change java memory size for extra large PDF creation.

  • Fix the default printer problem with PDFill FREE PDF Writer inside Microsoft Word.

  • Save As Dialog: You can switch the File Type of PDF, PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF and TIF.

  • The flashing window before the SaveAs Window is reduced.

  • For the PDFill registered user, the producer information can be changed.

  • Add Option for the existing PDF: Replace it with Warning, Replace it with NO warning, Append or Prepend it.

  • Fix a bug to support GhostScript 9.01 64 Bit.

PDFill PDF Editor 8.0:

  • One installation package to support both 32 Bit and 64 Bit OS.
  • Download and Install Java and GhostScript automatically; Support 64Bit Java; Java Web Start is not installed.
  • PDFill PDF Editor doesn't require GhostScript although the free PDFill PDF Writer still needs it.
  • When PDFill opens a PDF file, the first page is immediately loaded into PDFill for editing while the other  pages are being read at the background.
  • Since the images file from PDF pages are saved into temp folder, the file size of the project file (PFL) is much smaller.
  • Add some delay when the new edited PDF is Open or Printed to avoid the problem of file not found.
  • Give a warning to adjust the page resolution when reading a page much bigger than the Letter.
  • Fix the crashing problem when the user sets PDFill as the default viewer although Adobe Reader is recommended.
  • Fix the bug to read PDF with thousands of PDF Pages.
  • Add dpi when reading big file on Page Selection.
  • For Single Line or Multiple Line Text, add Stroke Color, Stroke Size and Stroke Type.
  • Add PDF Watermark by Text
  • Add PDF Watermark by Image
  • Display large image inside PDFill as 1.0M to speed up the drawing performance (the saved PDF still uses the large Image)
  • Fix a bug when the PDF inside Internet Explorer is loaded into PDFill.
  • Add an option to change the most used properties for the selected multiple objects
  • Add Pencil Tool Commenting
  • Add a Document Menu: Move Bookmark, Watermark, Header&Footer into it
  • Add New Functions under Document Menu: Delete, Reorder, Insert, Extract and Replace PDF Pages.
  • Add New Functions under Document Menu: Pages' Rotation, Crop and Action; Remove this function from PDF Save Options.
  • Add 188 Shapes for PDF Form Field: Check and Radio Button.
  • Improve the Drawing of PDF Form Field's Border inside PDFill: Solid/Dash/Bevel/Inset/Underline.
  • Save PDF Option: The new PDF Form can be flattened as well as the original form.
  • New Curve functions: Curve Eraser; Signature editing; Curve Sampling Milliseconds in PDFill Options. 
  • Add New Functions under Document Menu: Attach Files, Add JavaScripts for Document.
  • Add Trigger Actions for PDF Action inside PDF Form Field: Mouse Up/Down/Enter/Exit/Got Focus/Lost Focus; Keystroke.
  • PDFill Options=>Use the most updated PDF Library.
  • Add Form Data Submit by Email
  • Redesign the Property Interface for new PDF Form Field using Tab View like Adobe Acrobat.
  • Add 4 PDF field state triggers: Keystroke, Format, Validate and Calculate.
  • Add Form Field Tools of Calculation Order and Redesign the Create Multiple Copies of Fields.
  • Add Digital Signature.
  • Add PDFill Option=>Transparent Text Editor.
  • Support the encrypted PDF that can be open inside Adobe Reader.
  • Fix a few minor bugs.

PDFill FREE PDF Tools 8.0:

  • Free PDF Tools 1 - PDF Merge:
    Fix the bug to read PDF with larger PDF Pages.
    Add an option to sort the file name

  • Free PDF Tools 2 - PDF Page Split/Reorder/Delete:
    Fix the bug to read PDF with thousands of PDF Pages.
    Add an option to Delete PDF Pages.
    Add an option to Keep Bookmarks.
    Add an option to extract pages as separate files.
    Add an option to save the other pages as a PDF file.

  • Free PDF Tools 10 - Convert PDF to Images:
    Add more image types: GIF, PCX, WMF, EMF.
    Add an option of Quality factor for JPG Image.
    Add an option to create a single TIFF file with multiple pages.
    Add an option of Page Number Digits for image name.
    Add an option for Color Bit: 1,  8, 24 for PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PCX.

PDFill FREE PDF&Image Writer 8.0:

  • Fix some minor bugs.

  • Add a PDF Button to save PDF inside Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

PDFill PDF Editor 7.0:

  • Support Windows 7 32/64 Bit. Support GhostScript 64 Bit.
  • Add the function of Transparency to the object of SingleLine/MultiLine Text, Check, Image and all drawings.
  • Add Basic Shape Drawings:  Isosceles Triangle, Right Triangle, Diamond, Pentagon, Hexagon, Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow, 4-Point Star, 5-Point Star, 6-Point Star, Rounded Rectangular Callout, Oval Callout, Cloud Callout, Heart, Lightning, Smiley Face.
  • Add Curve drawing: Smooth Curve, Straight Curve, Smooth Scribble, Straight Scribble, Smooth Freeform, Straight Freeform, and Cloud Tool, with the function to edit each point and open/close the curve.
  • Add the Signature Pen  Drawing so that you can sign up your PDF by computer.
  • Multiple Selection by Dragging (From Left to Right or from Right to Left)  to move or Copy; Copy objects across the projects; Allow to Copy Image Object using the same image object; Copy object from one page to another page across the projects.
  • Make the File Dialog Window (Open/Save) Resizable;
  • Middle Mouse Wheel to control page navigation;
  • Reset all the toolbar settings;
  • Fix a bug in the Downloading Automation of GS and Java on Vista and Win7.
  • Fix a bug in ADF Scanner
  • New Icon Design
  • Batch Command for Export a PDF Form into FDF, CSV, Text/Excel (Tab-delimited)
  • PDFill System Option: Large Image Display Reduction Cap to display image-intensive pages
  • PDFill Edit Menu=>Copy PDF form Fields from another PDF.
  • Automatic PDF Repair by PDFill PDF Writer.
  • Remove the Skip Options in PDF Saving Options.
  • PDFill Options: Add the default receiver's name and Email; PDF name on Subject or Body Text.
  • Add PDF Header and Footer

PDFill FREE PDF Tools 7.0:

  • New Free Tools 13: Add information (Title, Author,  Subject, Keywords, Created, Creator, Producer and Version) to the PDF document.

  • New Free Tools 14: Scan your Paper Form or Photo into images (PNG, JPG, BMP, TIF and GIF) or PDF

  • New Free Tools 15: Create a transparent image with options to adjust one Color and the left Colors' transparency.

  • PDF Header and Footer: Add a Page Offset function.

  • Support Multiple Page Tiff file

  • PDF Split: Add "Odd" and "Even" Pages

PDFill FREE PDF&Image Writer 7.0:

  • Make the Simplest GUI as the default: Keep it Simple

  • Add System Information about GhostScript, Java and Adobe Reader

  • Fix a bug when the new PDF is launched.

  • Fix a bug when the new PDF is saved.

  • Add a Tip at startup.

  • Add Paper Size ANSI C/D/E

  • Improve some of the interfaces

Here are the new functions added to PDFill

1. PDFill PDF Editor:

2. PDFill FREE PDF and Image Writer:

  • PDF Optimization: Create PDF files optimized for Screen, Ebook (online uses), Printer, Prepress (high resolution and embedded fonts) or Default (wide variety of uses).

  • Post Process Options: Allow you to Email, Merge, Split or Reorder, Reformat, Header or Footer, Watermark after the PDF creation.

  • PDF Output Options: Allow you to Use Print Job Name under Default Folder.

  • Remove "Microsoft Word -" from the Print Job Name.

  • Simplify the Saving Dialog GUI.

3. PDFill FREE PDF Tools:

  • PDF Merge: Fix a bug so that hundreds of PDF files can be merged now.

  • PDF Rotate and Crop: Add Even or Odd Page to be rotated or cropped.

  • Add a new free function

  • to convert an image into a transparent PNG file.


Here are the new functions added to PDFill 6.0.01:

1. Add Vista Support.

2. Add 64 Bit support for XP/2003/Vista.

3. Redesign the PDFill Option:

  • 4 organized and tabbed views: General, PDF Form, Default Value, System.

  • Add the version and installed folder for Sun Java, GhostScript, Adobe Reader.

  • Fix the Java Memory Error for the PDF with the extra big size by increasing Memory Size for Java.

  • Text and Image Alpha Bits are used to improve the quality of image inside PDFill when the PDF is converted into images.

  • Add Open Folder Automatically after saving PDF.

  • Add option for Page Display Style: Blue Gradient Style, Adobe Reader Style, Microsoft Office Style

  • Add option to Always scan into a new blank PDF

  • Add option to Show Font Warning when Comment Text is used

  • Add option to Check Box's Default Shape

  • Add option to Show warning if NO PDF Form Field

  • Add option to Hide Whiteout's Property Dialog

  • Add option to Hide Highlight's Property Dialog and the default Transparency for the highlight.

4. Redesign the PDF Saving Options:

  • 6 organized and tabbed views: Output options, Description, Encrypt/Decrypt, View preferences, Presentation Effect and Rotate/Crop.

  • Inside each tabbed view, a check is added to decide to use these options or not.

  • Add Presentation Effect: Set Page display duration, type and duration of the transition effect when displaying a PDF document as a presentation?or slide show.?/font>

  • Add Rotate and Crop: PDF Page Rotation by 0/90/180/270? Crop box with margins...

5. New totally redesigned FREE PDFill PDF Writer:  Add new GUI and  new functions:  PDF Description,  PDF SecurityPDF View Preference,  PDF Presentation, PDF Page's Rotate and Crop,  Output Options and Registry Control

7. Add a New FREE Product: FREE PDFill Image WriterPrint your document into PNG, JPG, BMP, TIF and GIF image file with options of Resolution, Alpha Bits, Rotation or Flip,  Output Options and Registry Control...

8. Add Bookmark Support: No Action, Go to a Local Page, Go to another PDF, Open a Web Link, Launch a Document

9.  Open or save File Dialog with Explorer-style dialog boxes include a places bar containing icons for commonly-used folders, such as Favorites and Desktop.

10. Save the Last working folder and it will be used for next time to open file.

11. New Tab Order from First Click: Only the fields with bigger tab order than that of the first clicked field can be changed.

12.  Convert the Commenting Text into the Multiple Line Text so that the text inside PDFill will match the text inside the PDF output.

13. When a Check box is selected, Press Spacebar to check or uncheck.

14. Added Rotated Single Line Text, Multiple Line Text, Image, Rectangular and Circle. The way to rotate an object is the same as the way inside Microsoft Office.

15. The function to export the form values as text or excel files becomes free for all the evaluation users.

16. Press Esc to enter the Selection State. Also exit the Multiple Selection and Tab Order.

17. Inserting the multiple copies of the same image will take only one image space inside PDF.


Here are the new functions added to PDFill 5.0:

1. New Installation Using Advanced Installer; Added Windows Vista Support

2. Improved PDF Form Maker: Create new PDF form fields to support the filling for all the international languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Central European, Cyrillic, Latin I, Greek, Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic, Baltic, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean).

3. Add Drawing Functions: Line, Arrow, Rectangle, Circle, Arc, Pie; You can select line color, width, style, Fill, arrow style in the way similar to Microsoft Office.

4. Add PDF Commenting: Text Box Tool or Highlight Tool, Sticky Note Tool, Popup Tool, File Attachment Tool, Play Video Tool, Line or Arrow Tool, Rectangle or Circle Tool

5. Export/Import using Excel Table and Adobe FDF 

6. Add PDF Actions:

  • Open A Web Link;
  • Reset a PDF Form;
  • Submit the Form;
  • Named Action (First Page, Next Page, Previous Page, Last Page and Print Dialog)
  • Go to Local Page (Local Page Number, Position, Zoom Factor)
  • Go to Anther PDF (Page Number; Another PDF Path Name);
  • Launch Application and Document

7. DOS Command Support: You can start a batch job in Windows by issuing the execution command directly from the MS-DOS command prompt window without opening the PDFill GUI. (It is only available for the registered user)

       7.1. Import a tab-delimited text file into a PDF Form
       "C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" IMPORT TXT Input.txt Input.pdf Output.pdf

       7.2. Import a Excel table with Table Name "FORMDATA" into a PDF form
       "C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" IMPORT XLS FORMDATA  Input.xls Input.pdf Output.pdf

       7.3. Import FDF into a PDF form
       "C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" IMPORT FDF Input.fdf Input.pdf Output.pdf

       7.4. Merge PDFs into a new PDF
       "C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" MERGE Input1.pdf Input2.pdf Input3.pdf Output.pdf

       7.5. Split a PDF into a new PDF according to page number selection
       "C:\Program Files\PlotSoft\PDFill\PDFill.exe" SPLIT "1,3-6,10,13,24" Input.pdf Output.pdf

8. Copy Edited Object from another PDFill Project File.

  •  Copy SingleLine / MultiLine Texts, Check Mark and Image
  • Copy New Added Form Fields
  • Copy Original Form Fileds and Convert into Editable Fields
  • Copy Original Form Fields Value Only

9. Add PDF Scanner to convert paper into PDF

10. Improved PDFill Filler


Here are the new functions added to PDFill 4.1 Beta:

1. "PDFill Form Filler 4.0" will be renamed as "PDFill PDF Editor 4.1" since we are adding more and more PDF editing functions.

2. New professional modern appearance similar to many popular Microsoft'a products.
  • Add Toolbar icons into the corresponding Menu Items.
  • Menu and Toolbar Themes:  Microsoft Office XP, Office 2003, Office 2000, Native XP or Visual Studio 2005.
  • New intelligent menus: The user presses or hovers over the chevron-style button to completely expand the menus.
  • Add and remove toolbar commands dynamically, ensuring that users have all of the toolbar commands needed, and none that are not wanted.
  • Save the current state of your toolbar and menus in plus any customization made.

3. Scan your Paper Form or Image directly into a new or existing PDF document, then you can fill it using computer!

4. Add a toolbar button to the Microsoft Internet Explorer user interface. Click that button and PDF file inside the browser will be sent into PDFill.

5. Drag and drop files (PFL, PDF and Images) into PDFill.

6. Add Encode options in the Format Toolbar.

7. Add Printing Option inside PDF Saving so that the Original PDF page will be hided and the new edited information will be printed into the pre-printed form.

8. add Panning the view by dragging the left mouse.

9. Multiple Object Selection for Delete, Copy and Move by offset in X and Y; Move one pixel left, right, up and down.

10. Support the most updated GhostScript 8.53.

11. Export/Import Form Data into TAB delimited text Text, Microsoft Excel, or CSV File.

12. Add Form Action and JavaScript for Text, Check, Radio, Combo, List Field. It is now feasible to add simple calculation inside the form fields by JavaScript.

13. Add New Form Field's Border Color, Border Size and Border Style.

14. Use Adobe Font for new text objects when the filled PDF is saved.

15. Replace some font name by another font name.

16. PDFill Options: Show Form Field's Name, Default Font Name is selected from most often used Font Name.

17. FREE PDF Tools-PDF Rotate/Crop: Add Options for Landscape or Portrait page Only.

18. FREE PDF Tools-PDF Merge: Concatenates PDF documents including form fields. The rules for the form field concatenation are the same as in Acrobat.

19. A few Bugs were fixed after the 4.0 was released.

Here are the new functions added to PDFill 4.0: (Updated August 6, 2005)!

1. Type text in almost any international language into PDF

2. Support All True Type Fonts in Windows

3. Read/Create Combo/List PDF Form Field

4. Read/Create  multiple form fields with the same form field name across different pages

5. Create Push Button Form Field: Open an URL/Email Link, Reset PDF Form, Submit PDF Form to your web server for database, Run JavaScript.

6. Tab Order Editing by Click or Table

7. Flatten PDF Form Fields

8. Insert URL, Whiteout, and Highlight easier

9. Text Editor is easier to use: Click the inside to edit;  Click the edge shadow to move or delete; Move object by arrows

10. Adjust the form field height using Font size;  Make check or radio box square

11. Set the current object as Default

12. Option to hide the editing function to make interface simpler: the user can only fill and save

13. Align Tool to precisely align Left, Horizontal Middle, Right, Top, Vertical Center, Bottom, Space Evenly Across/Down, Make Same Width or Height

14. Print the filling PDF to the default printer directly

15. Email the filled PDF as an attachment

16. Free PDF Tools: List, Delete and Flatten the PDF form Fields

17. Free PDF Tools: Convert Postscript into PDF.

18. Free PDF Writer upgrade.

Please send your question and suggestion to support@PDFill.com. Thank you for your help.



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