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1)    PDFill PDF Editor 4.1 from

aggf01 05-Apr-2007 07:03:12 AM
An absolute time saver!

Pros: Ease of use, customer service and product quality. Enormous help with form development and filling.
Latest version much improved over earlier one

Reviewer: ralangjr

11-Mar-2007 05:47:06 PM
Incredibly flexible and functional. And the price is economical.

Pros: This is the first product, although others probably exist, that has allowed me to enter data into previously non-editable PDF forms. And with the bundled products that are provided with the main Form Filler, CAN YOU JUSTIFY NOT PURCHASING SUCH AN INCREDIBLE PRODUCT, for your use, or, with multiple licenses, for your organization. THIS IS A MUST BUY PRODUCT FOR YOUR ADMINISTRATIVE SOFTWARE LIBRARY.
None, that are readily apparent.

Reviewer: kjssen

17-Feb-2007 01:22:12 PM
Tremendous document editor, without spending the major bucks.

Pros: I don't normally submit reviews on the products that I have purchased. But I was so enthused with this programs functionality that I felt obligated to do so. I'm neither a programmer nor a high end graphics user. Considering the aforementioned one might label me an extreme novice. Over the years I used the full Adobe Acrobat 4.0. Needless to say, I don't believe I have to tell you that it is now nearly extinct and will not open about half of the newer programs. Yes the trial version has watermarks, but I sincerely believe that it does not hamper your final assessment. Give it a shot, you might be surprised.
None for me.

Reviewer: mike_ambrose1

27-Jan-2007 03:02:36 PM
This PDF Maker is great! It has all of the tools that I needed.

Pros: Its has great tools, Its easy to use, and it installs quick! Its even better than most others!
There was nothing wrong, it was all good!

Reviewer: pureosmosis

25-Jan-2007 11:51:36 AM
Very versatile

Pros: Easy to navigate. Time saving, allows editing of PDF files from any source. Great for filling in downloaded forms and saving them for later updates. Free updates to newer versions and the latest beta version 5.0 has even more features. I wish that I had found this program months ago as I have been filling out tons of government PDF files and wish I could have saved the completed documents. Now I can.
System Mechanic conflicted with this program and deleted a registry entry, requiring a re-install of PDFill. However this doesn't appear to be the fault of PDF Fill, but it's fixed in version 5.0 Beta and System Mechanic 7.0. PDF FILL never lost it's registration, it just tried to re-install after running system mechanic registry cleaner. I have found that occasionally System Mechanic does this with other programs also, so its not a PDF Fill specific problem. It's fixed now.

Reviewer: mattmc97

on 24-Jan-2007 06:34:53 AM
Very easy to use PDF editor, Highly recommend

Pros: We work with PDF drawings all the time done by others and needed some way to make comments, edited text, and do callouts and simple line art. I was up and running with this program in literally minutes, could not be easier. The price is much cheaper than some of the other pdf editors that I found. I had technical questions and had an answer the next morning from the author.
Nothing to complain about so far.

Reviewer:  rbonie

15-Nov-2006 07:21:05 AM
Greatest thing since sliced bread!!!

Pros: I love this program. I was caught up in a recent Corporate downsizing and was filling applications and other things quite regularly. PDFill came to my rescue MANY times over the last few months. This is the easiest to use form filler out there,( and I have tried most of them). The user interface is straight forward and intuitive. If you use Adobe to send and receive forms, you Must have PDFill !! It's like the PB in PB&J . One is no good without the other!!  Try it!!

Robert Bonie Jackson,Ms.

Cons: NONE That I found ,( and I have REALLY worn it out!!!)

Reviewer: davehman

19-Sep-2006 03:45:53 PM
It does just about everything It costs just about nothing


Reviewer: jswaton

06-Sep-2006 09:57:10 PM
Inexpensive and Fabulous!

Pros: This is a straightforward and powerful product at a great price. I use it to fill in non-form PDF files. Entering text is easy and the ability to see the form underneath the text box I am using at the time is fantastic. Also, the very handy alignment rulers are unobtrusive and effective.
No cons that I have seen.

Reviewer: im_on_crack8

04-Sep-2006 12:03:43 AM

Pros: The ability to have different Functional looks of the form. The option of using "Reset" Buttons and "Submit" by E-Mail Buttons is Great !! Being able to save to an Editable PDF is just what I needed. The Best Program for creating Editable Forms at a low cost with Excellent Tech Support.

Reviewer: johnfkirby

18-Aug-2006 04:10:43 AM
Outstanding Product!!!

Pros: Speed, ease of use, quality of results.
The cons include the fact that it is a shame that I did not know about this product sooner!!!!

Reviewer: Hotrodderbob

15-May-2006 05:49:01 AM
Best Editable Form Creator Program and the Price is right !!

Pros: The ability to have different Functional looks of the form. The option of using "Reset" Buttons and "Submit" by E-Mail Buttons is Great !! Being able to save to an Editable PDF is just what I needed. The Best Program for creating Editable Forms at a low cost with Excellent Tech Support.

Reviewer: grannykrk

04-May-2006 04:22:07 PM
Excellent Replacement to Adobe Acrobat

Pros: This product is very easy to use and for the cost is an excellent replacement to Acrobat. I highly recommend this to my clients.

Reviewer: jstreatfeild

30-Apr-2006 08:17:32 AM
one of the most useful programs i have ever used

Pros: free!!!! makes and converts pdfs better than anything i have ever used. really easy to use

Reviewer: lightingsupplies 21-Apr-2006 02:45:37 PM
The easiest program to quickly add text to PDF docs

Pros: Easy Easy Easy
The only lacks are in complex tasks, but 90% of people don't need that.

Reviewer: andaman

04-Apr-2006 06:27:31 AM
Excellent Software

Pros: Simple to use - works like a charm - does everything it claims to do (so far). Most impressed.
None so far.

Reviewer: gerrymalzone2000

01-Apr-2006 03:32:10 PM
Excellent PDF Editor 4.1

Pros: This is a great pdf program! Thank you to the owner !! It just works great and rocks! The support is also fantastic!.
None so far.


2) PDFill - fill PDF forms and more

SnapFiles review: rating
Avg. User Rating: 5

Excellent .pdf alternative

Overall: 5   Review by: dshcpa
An excellent program and at an excellent price. I don't use .pdf files enough to want to buy a full-version of Adobe but I am an accountant and the IRS likes to use .pdf forms that can't be edited on their website. So, I bought this PDFill and since then, I convinced two accounting firms to purchase the program for all their programs. Great price, easy to use, and a lot of features/tools as well.

Wonderful product, unbeatable price.

Overall: 5  Review by: pjay337

PDFill does everything the publisher says it does. After a quick trial of the shareware, it was a no-brainer to spend 20 bucks on this. I have been using it for some time and am very pleased with it. The user interface is slightly clunky (easier shown than explained - download the trial and see for yourself!), but you DO get used to it quickly. This is NOT a major complaint considering the price - a fraction of the price of Acrobat Pro. Lots of very expensive software is much worse. I have found the utilities included with the editor to be quite useful as well.

Recommended by users 100% of the time (6 total) Write your own review!
The reviews and opinions below are posted by SnapFiles visitors. They do not necessarily reflect our opinion, and are solely based on the experience of individual users.

Excellent software... 1/12/2006 02:43:00
 Posted by:  MPires (2)
Interface:5 Features:5 Ease of use:5 Value:5 Overall:5

This is a powerful and very friendly software. I do recommend it to everyone! 11452

Pdfill is a good value... 12/18/2005 15:49:00
 Posted by:  Dave_in_Roanoke
Interface:5 Features:5 Ease of use:5 Value:5 Overall:5

I've used other similar prgs to create PDFs. With this one I've had no problems and the free upgrades for life is a big plus. The companion utilities have also come in handy.  11216

Get it!... 12/18/2005 13:36:00
 Posted by:  Kattolio (2)
Interface:5 Features:5 Ease of use:5 Value:5 Overall:5

I am looking for employment and often have to fill out PDF application forms. I hate filling them out by hand or scanning and editing. This program makes this chore a nonchore! 11213

Pdfill form filler... 8/19/2005 17:20:00
 Posted by:  cyberhobo (3)
Interface:4 Features:5 Ease of use:4 Value:5 Overall:5

A very handy application. Does it's job well, and the price is dandy. 9911

Pdf... 7/23/2004 05:17:00
 Posted by:  jdreynolds (4)
Interface:5 Features:5 Ease of use:5 Value:5 Overall:5

A very good piece of software used it one time as a shareware and turned around bought it at the low price that it was. 5144

Very very nice... 7/7/2004 22:17:00
 Posted by:  AungDin (45)
Interface:5 Features:5 Ease of use:5 Value:5 Overall:5

This one was everything the program description said it was. Well worth the few bucks for registration. 4960


3)    PDFill Form Filler 4.0 from

Reviewer: JarjARBinx 20-Dec-2005 07:11:31 PM
Pros: This is a simple straight forward product. Lets you make PDF files fillable. Takes a little "playing" around to get used to it, but after 2-3 tries, you get the hang of it.

ALso, you cannot beat $19.99 price. I used to have PDF Writer at my work place and honestly that software had so many tools, I rarely ever used it, cause to do one small thing I would have to navigate through a maze of menus.

I bought this software after trying out the demo and it works great.

Cons: If you are looking for a "high-tech" pdf writer, one that works over the shared network and stuff....then this is not for you. If you are looking for a simple product then this is it.

Was this review helpful? 1 of 1 users said yes.


Reviewer: nh1970 08-Jan-2006 02:52:29 PM
Superb quality, Easy to use
Pros: We use the PDFill Form Filler version 4. It is easy to make a PDF document from any program by just clicking File - Print - PDFILL PDF Writer. The print resolution can be adjusted up to 4000 dpi so the quality is excellent. It is easy to fill text and insert image on the PDF document. For group review, we can add comment and highlight to the existing PDF document. We also can use Whiteout function to delete unwanted paragraphs.  There is a wide range of Unicode fonts so different languages can be filled in the PDF documents. With above functions, it is sufficient for us to use PDFill Form Filler as daily PDF maker and editor.  PDFill Form Filler comes with useful PDF tools. Converting a PDF file to an Image file, if the resolution is kept at 600 dpi the resolution quality is preserved without degradation. It can combine different PDF files into one or split one PDF file into several. We can also rotate and crop the PDF documents. For normal operation of a business, PDFill Form Filler alone is enough to handle PDF documents.
Reviewer: jontemple 25-Aug-2005 01:44:04 AM
Maybe the best price/performance software ever
Pros: 1. It works
2. It is so incredibly easy
3. It is so incredibly flexible
4. Great support
5. I don't think there is equivalent software with $100 of PDFILL.
Nothing, I cannot wait for more and more upgrades.
Was this review helpful?
1 of 1 users said yes.

Reviewer: therootbeers

22-Oct-2005 06:08:16 AM
Pros: PDFill Form Filler is an amazing form filling solution. You can't argue with the $19.99 price tag and the ease of use. Within a few minutes I was able to convert old PDF's to a fully fillable PDF, merge several PDF's into one, and save the new PDF! With many more features I'm positive PDFill will have solutions to my PDF needs as they arise. Thanks to PDFill our customers can place online or fax orders w/o sloppy handwriting. Saving the company time!
Was this review helpful?
1 of 1 users said yes.

Reviewer: devindoherty

12-Oct-2005 12:12:59 AM
Move over Adobe, PDF Form filling 101 is Here!
Pros: Easy to use WSIWIG interface. Inexpensive

Reviewer: manbefree

09-Nov-2005 09:57:12 AM
Perfect product, a must for all users of form PDFs
Pros: All of the free tools are fantastic and should have been part of Adobe, but they're not, so get them here. Merge, split, watermarks, etc. The FormFiller works perfectly. Whoever sees the end result will be amazed you were able to put your answers right into the PDF itself without having to print it out, fill it out by hand, and scan it back in.
It would be nice if you could tab-cycle through the available text fields and check boxes, and type right into them, without having to click. But it's no big deal, and I imagine that would be very hard to do programmatically.

Reviewer: kwesite

29-Sep-2005 08:30:10 PM
It works great, it rocks
Pros: Easy to use and gives amazing results. It come with cool free PDF tools that allows the user to create PDF files as well as manipulate them: reorder pages, extract pages, merge, split, encrypt/decrypt etc.Cons: None so far

Reviewer: rppnj

28-Sep-2005 06:38:28 PM
Pros: PDFill Form Filler 4.0 far exceeded my expectations! It is very 'user friendly' software and at the top of my list of downloads. Great price, too!

Reviewer: MrLarryB2k

21-Sep-2005 07:17:58 AM
Excellent PDF Management at bargain price!
Pros: It works great every time.
None that I can think of.

Reviewer: WebBrats

31-Aug-2005 02:56:03 PM
Great Software at a Greater Price
Pros: When compared to PDF Typewriter at $50, PDFill Form Fill ($19.95 normally and $9.95 until September 30th) comes out well on top. These programs are tools to assist other heftier programs and they should be priced accordingly. I don't think they should ever leave the high teen range myself. PDFill Form Filler is worth every penny. It takes my headache projects and turns them out fast and easy. I am impressed.
Cons: Things I would improve upon include an easier way to get to the field properties, draggable guidelines or a snap to left or bottom margin option. Oh and lose that blue gradient background...eck!

Reviewer: brianvon

15-Sep-2005 07:56:00 AM
Good form-filling tool at a great price.
Pros: fills forms easily; good check boxes; prints out a good format
Cons: undo mechanism for general commands is missing; Signature images need to be transparent white; The multi-line form filling should have a transparent background as well.

Reviewer: Jana Carole for PDFill PDF Writer

05-Oct-2005 06:21:46 AM
This is a great program ! Thank you to the owner !!
Pros: I like it not just because it is totally free, I like it because you have alot of options to use it with.
No cons to speak of

Reviewer: MrLarryB2k  for PDFill PDF Tools

21-Sep-2005 07:23:48 AM
Excellent PDF Management - for free!
Pros: This program is a regular PDF swiss army knife. It allows you to modify any existing PDF document/file with encryption, headers, footers, combine multiple pdfs, the list goes on and on. And it's completely free.
Windows only, no Mac version.

Reviewer: MrLarryB2k for PDFill PDF Writer

21-Sep-2005 08:03:35 AM
Convert any document into PDF format.
Pros: Convert any document (Word, Excell, etc.) into PDF format, and if you wish, give it a password. And it's free.
None that I can think of.

Reviewer: cammatrix for PDFill PDF Writer

07-Sep-2005 10:32:13 PM
Outstanding, thank you PlotSoft and GhostScript
Pros: - Installation was simple
- Immediately appeared in my printer list
- Printed my document perfectly
- Could not be easier...

4)     PDF Form Filler:

We've discussed very handy web-page form fillers before (e.g. ), but here's a twist---a tool for filling out PDF-based forms:

Fred, As a Plus member the last few years, I have found many useful tips and programs in your newsletter.  I recently discovered a program that others might also find useful.  One of my (increasingly many) pet peeves is that all of my medical and dental claim forms are PDF files, some with fill in fields and some without.  The ones with fields can be filled in and printed, but not saved unless you have Adobe writer.  After searching and trying several shareware programs that purported to solve this problem, I found PDFill  This shareware program not only allows you to fill in and save PDF forms that have fields, but also allows you to add your own text fields in PDF forms without them.  The program has other more advanced features which I have not needed, but if they work as well as the basic functions I would expect them to work well.  The program may be downloaded as a full featured trial version that adds a watermarked ad across the saved page.  Registration to remove the ad is only $9.99.  Other programs that I looked at were much more expensive and didn't work nearly as well.

The most impressive thing to me was the customer support that is provided. After working on several forms, I came across one that did not work correctly with PDFill.  I sent a note to the support address with the offending file and received an immediate response that if the program could not be fixed within the week, I would receive a full refund.  Within days the program was updated to handle the form, which apparently was saved with some unusual parameters that the programmer had not seen before.  I was grateful for the quick response, and the programmer was grateful for a test case to improve the program.   It's a real pleasure to get a response from a software company, as my experience with large companies has not been very satisfactory. ---George McKewen

5)     Email from a customer Laurence and Marla Biederman

Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 11:17:20 EDT
Subject: Great tool! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Hi! I couldn't find any other email address for you, so I'm sending my thanks to this one.  If you are not the software author, please do forward it. 
My wife needed to fill out a four page application for a job that was available as a pdf.  Since the job involves secretarial work, she wanted to type the application, not handwrite it in order to show some good job skills.  We definitely cannot afford the cost of Adobe Acrobat, and in today's society, typewriters are also hard to find.
A long time ago, when I was in software sales, I learned that describing features and functions is good, but to really sell something, you have to get the customer to see how the software will be an advantage or a benefit to him/her or to his/her company.  For feature and functions, PDFill's ability to add single and multiple lines of text and check boxes was exactly what we needed and was absent in other PDF editing utilities.   The Smart Positioning was also a big help in making things nice and neatly aligned.  For advantages/benefits, when she dropped off her application, she saw several handwritten applications, so we're confident that her edited PDF will stand out enough to at least get her to the interview stage and perhaps the job.
I wasted no time in paying the very reasonable $9.99.  Thank you, thank you, Thank you!  You may quote us in your advertising.
Laurence and Marla Biederman
Milan Michigan

Thank you for producing this program. I am disabled and have to fill out lots of pdf forms. This will make it much easier since my hand writing is very bad due to anuerysm surgery I had last year. At times my hands shake so much I can't write. My typing is much better thank goodness. With PDFill, I won't have to keep filling out forms by hand that could not be processed because of my hand writing.

Thank you

Ruth Adams

Galena, MO

6)    PDFill Form Filler 3.0 from

Reviewer: TechMBA 14-Jul-2005 07:53:58 PM
PDF FILLING rocket science made as simple as 123 by PDFill
Dear PDFill,

I am an IT veteran working 18 years in the industry and have been involved in every aspect of computing technologies. I have been looking for tools which will let me customize/fill modify PDF files. I have seen a few tools claim this fame, but none has delivered.

For those customers who are reading this testimony, here is my disclaimer. I have no ties with PDFill or its subsidiaries. I am writing this on my own so others who are looking for similar tools will get to believe what I say and choose this amazing software. Right after installation they will see the results for themselves.

I have used Acrobat and many Adobe tools from version 1.1 since 1994. Adobe has expensive $$$ writer/filler/distiller. At my work we have all these versions. i was desperate to get my own quick combo tool.

I purchased the 3.0 software for the promotional price of $9.99, as it said the upgrade to version 4.0 is free. Since I am comfortable with software in general, I installed the 4.0 beta bravely. Installation was smooth, including the Ghostscript auto-install.

From the time I googled PDF filling tools in less than 4 hrs total, I was able to install the program and fill about 9 complex PDF forms including picture/BMP/JPG, checkbox, simple fields (name, SS, Phone), multi-line fields (questions and answers) including a photo ID form with my digital picture. Others will find it just as easy.

My sincere Kudos to the developer(s) and PDFill team... Honestly speaking, in my 18 year career I have seen only a handful of tools like this which truly "increase your productivity". Imagine, printing the forms, wasting paper, expensive inkjet, Uhg!

I never left my PC. My PDF included my picture and my electronic paintbrush signature. I saved the new filled file as my own new PDF's for record keeping. When done, I simply used the Acrobat reader and Windows XP fax (fax modem is required)to send to a fax number. NEED I SAY MORE?


Director of Global IT for a F500 Technology Company


Cons: With a price like $9.99? NONE WHATSOEVER! try filling a PDF manually and you will see why there are no CONS..

Regardless there can be more improvements...I have listed the desired "future needs list"

As a beta tester here are some suggestions to improve the program:

1. A way to define standard filling names as Fname, Lname, Mname, SS#, Fax#, email, address, etc and simply access these from the PDFill program as data import?

2. Able to select multiple objects within a filling document

3. The graphic refresh some times does not show the filled fields but they appear when you refresh or select the tools



06-Jul-2005 09:20:10 PM
This software is great
This is a excellent piece of software for $10 bucks. It is very easy to use. u can fill the forms in seconds. I tried to use adobe professional to fill pdf forms. it was so confusing and take a long time to complete even two lines and cost $600.This software will help to fill pdf forms easily like writing in a pece of paper. it also can create and merge pdf files.


rbonie 08-Jul-2005 07:53:33 PM
First time a program I downloaded does what it says, First time , Every time.
VERY easy to use. Interface very intuitive!  SIMPLE TO USE. and don't we love that!


mister_one 17-May-2005 05:53:43 AM
Excellent product; works well, and tech support is great!
Easy to understand and use. Perfect for any kind of form. An unusual bargain that's hard to find today! I had computer problem that corrupted one of the files. Tech support got back to me right away with the solution. Great!


kwesite 24-May-2005 07:57:00 PM
Easy to use, fast and gives amazing results
For a price of $9.99, I could easily fill my PDF forms, add images, add new text lines, save and re-edit it later, using the PDFill. The filled form can then be easily converted back to PDF. I could easily convert multiple documents into pdf using the free pdf tools and writer and there are so many cool things the pdf tools can do: merge pdf documents, extract pdf pages, re-order pages, making several pages into 1 page, encrypting and decrypting pdf documents, etc, etc. It is a must have tool for all PDF needs. And the price is unbelievable. And the 4.0 beta version allows insertion of several International language characters including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc. It is a brilliant piece of work all at only $9.99


pcdoctor01 20-Apr-2005 02:37:45 AM
Excellent! Best $10 spent online ever!
I needed this software to add text to a pdf file. It was so easy! I tried using a trial version of Adobe Acrobat and it was frustrating trying to add text. (Adobe Acrobat kept adding a box around text. It was hard to figure out how to remove it) This program was worth the money. The price goes up to $20 5/1/05 but even then it's still worth the money. Please, please, please dont waste your money buying Adobe Acrobat. Save your money and spend the extra on dvds or purchase more ram for your pc. Oh yeah, even the educational version of Adobe Acrobat is expensive!


Yllucs 30-Mar-2005 06:20:25 AM
This software is an absolute bargain! Included with it is PDF Writer (free to use, for printing documents to PDF), PDF Tools (free to use, does various PDF related jobs) and PDF Form Filler (requires registration currently at $9.99 to get rid of the watermark inserted during trial use). You may also have to download MS Java and Ghostscript if you don't already have them (a lot of PDF printers require the latter), but the software takes care of this automatically. The main reason I downloaded it was for the ability to join PDF's together. Previously, to do this I used PDFEdit995 where you had to print a document to add it to the end of the last document printed. It was messy and time consuming. But not anymore with PDF Tools! PDF Tools took care of merging PDF documents in a matter of seconds. The crop feature included is also amazingly fast.  PDF Writer does what it's supposed to - generates PDF's of just about any printable document.  PDF Form Filler works great, allows you to write on PDFs and then save them again.  You won't find better for the price (or even ten times the price if you ask me)!


Reviewer: rickscript 17-Mar-2005 03:12:22 AM
The BEST $9.95 you will spend on software!
Pros: Offers a wealth of useful features for creating pdf documents out of almost anything. You can convert photos, scanned items or anything you can print to a pdf. You can then combine any number of single pdf documents into a larger pdf booklet file. You can also convert the other way, from pdf to jpeg, bmp, png or tif. You can also combine multiple pdf files onto a single page (like if you had several small photos and wanted to put them all on one page). You can use many different page sizes for output, and they also have a custom size where you can specify whatever dimensions you want. You can even rotate or crop pages that are already in pdf format. These are just some of what they call the free tools, because the program was actually designed to allow you to fill out pdf forms and submit the completed forms on-line. I haven't really used this feature yet, but I found another use for it. I printed the NCAA tournament bracket (by "print" I mean I converted it to a pdf document file on my drive) and I will use the form filler function to fill in the results of each game til the end-it looks really cool. Also.....Free Updates for Life!! Compare that with companies like Intuit who just announced they will cease support for Quicken versions before 2003 to force people to pony up again. Enterprises like this one should be shunned while the word about PDFill should be spread like wildfire. And NO, I am not on their payroll.  There's not much I did not like, only a few very minor annoyances. One was the margin setting always shows the default 1/2 inch on all 4sides. You can change it manually, but you can't change the default so it will start with the desired setting. However, I wrote an e-mail to them and they say they will actually try to incorporate it into the next update! How is that for responsiveness? You won't get that type of response from any large conglomerate. I don't even want to mention small annoyances because at $9.95 they give you a lot and if I want everything, well, there's always the full Acrobat (at many times this cost).


Reviewer: royhieatt 08-Mar-2005 11:23:36 AM
Excellent value. Does the job as advertised.
I have used other programs and that were difficult to maneuver. This one places cursor in correct positions which makes the forms look professional. The font options gives good flexibility. It does everything as advertised.


Reviewer: chiayuchen 08-Mar-2005 05:59:44 PM
Superb quality, Easy to use.
It is easy to fill text and insert image right on the PDF document. It is so easy to make a PDF document from any program by just clicking File - Print - PDFILL PDF Writer. The print resolution can be adjusted up to 4000 dpi so the quality is excellent. When convert PDF to Image file if the resolution is kept at 600 dpi the resolution is preserved well. It can also combine different PDF files into one. This program is not only a program to fill PDF forms as the first impression from the name. If it builds in drawing Highlight and Delete text function it will be sufficient for most business communication. A program of this caliber with such price should be widely recommended.


Reviewer: jayne1e 02-Mar-2005 09:22:03 AM
Great product and easy to use. No unnecessary bells and whistles to confuse.
Simple to install and use. I've used only the Form filler so far, but it also comes with other PD creator tools that I think will be helpful. It has saved me much time in downloading, printing, completing, and saving forms, especially those that I have to submit on a regular basis (e.g. insurance forms). Looks much better than when having to fill in items by hand since it's impossible to find a typewriter these days. Since I don't use it everyday, I've had to reread the instructions each time I've needed to complete a new form. Not a major problem, since it's really quite simple.


Reviewer: prs 18-Feb-2005 06:32:07 PM
A most useful tool for filling and saving PDF forms.
Apart from the fact it works well the customer support, when once called upon, was great.


Reviewer: Anders from Sweden 06-Feb-2005 07:21:40 AM
Very good support to a very good product.
I use the PDFill Form Filler in my work and it does a great job. Moreover, the support is impressive. I ran in some trouble during one weekend and a solution was found before the working week started!


Reviewer: Rafeh1 03-Feb-2005 01:28:17 AM
A+ free pdf writer

Pros: IT is free with no ad stamp or other bs. to buy is only $10 and that is good



Reviewer: nerath 03-Feb-2005 07:45:03 PM
Just what I was looking for!
 I have PDF forms downloaded from government sites I need to submit every year. PDFill lets me fill them, save them, and then update just the changed fields for the next time. It also installs GhostScript and a PDF writer as a printer driver. It simply does what I need without having to wade thru useless features. It handles check boxes, single line and multi line text, and more. It also includes many free PDF tools to crop, rotate, convert, annotate, watermark, etc. PDF files. The form filler itself will write water marked PDFs until it is registered. At the time of my review, registration is ten bucks - even for my once-a-year use it's a bargain.


Reviewer: student203 02-Feb-2005 10:00:50 AM
Excellent product and support
Great functionality, responsive support, and very reasonable price


Reviewer: Small Business Owner 26-Jan-2005 08:40:00 PM
Awesome PDF Form Maker
I create several fillable pdf forms using this excellent and valuable software. It gets the job done with no hassle! Thanks! You save me $600 to buy Adobe Acrobat Professional!


Reviewer: kwesite 21-May-2005 10:30:42 AM
Great , easy to use, and gives amazing results
For a price of $9.95, you can easily fill your PDF forms, add images, add new text lines, save and re-edit it later, using the PDFill. The filled form can then be easily converted back to PDF. You can easily convert multiple documents into pdf and there are so many cool things the pdf tools can do: merge, extract pages, re-order pages, making several pages into 1 page, etc, etc. It is a must have tool for all PDF needs. And the price is unbelievable. None that I have encountered. Except when using the PDFill, it is not easy to deselect the selected insert tool, so that you place/insert something where you don't want it to be. Have not really checked the details.


Reviewer: allangreen 10-Apr-2005 12:19:43 AM
Simple to use, Quite brilliant
 Merging pdf's is a breeze, as is splitting and reshuffling pages. Its design keeps everything simplistic and easy to follow. Its got to be one of the best tools around.  


Reviewer: douglas_mcfillen 03-Mar-2005 11:24:09 PM
This is FREE PDF Tools!
This is a FREE PDF Tools without any watermark! Also, you can get free support for this free product if you have problem. It requires to install FREE 7MB Ghostscript. But, it is much better than more than 200MB adobe acrobat ($250)  


Reviewer: ha55mukh 29-Mar-2005 06:58:41 AM
The best lightweight tool for conversion to PDF
It is lightweight; It's extremely fast, faster than Adobe Distiller; Easy to manage; Very satisfying and makes me smile each time I use it. Needs GS, but that is OK, since the installation is automatic, it does not send you hunting for the additional software.


Reviewer: imaLeech 06-Jul-2005 01:04:02 PM
It really is free, don't believe the other reviews
 The PDF tools and PDF writer are free. If you want to use the PDF form fill it cost 10 bucks. That is still much better that full blown Adobe. It is easy to use and powerful. No probs so far. Cons: Had to Download and install Ghost Script, but that is automated. I just didn't expect that.


7)    PDFill Form Filler 2.0 from

Thumbs Up  regdeleon 23-Jan-2005 11:19:59 AM
   "Just What I Needed!"
I havelooking for a program like this that would not ""break the bank"" for sometime! PDFill does everything it promises beautifully! EXCELLENT!

Thumbs Up  Adobe Reader User 18-Jan-2005 08:39:59 PM
   "Re: Life Saver"
PDFill is the most valuable PDF tools for Adobe Reader! It is nothing wrong with Adobe Reader and IE. If you can view pdf inside your IE, Open Adobe Reader => Edit Menu => Preferences => Internet => Click the Options: ""Display PDF inside your browserę.

Thumbs Up  Life Saver... head-ache maker? 17-Jan-2005 11:40:02 PM
   "AMAZING, but..."
This prgram is slick!! Works very well. I installed it, was able to delete the unnecessary pages of an 8 page pdf, fill out the ones I needed, and print the document. Impressive. BUT, ever since loading the program yesterday, I am unable to load pdf files in my browser from the Internet. How do I fix that? Any ideas people. When I click on a pdf link, the address bar changes to read the pdf file addy, but a white screen appears and IE reports done in the bottom left. If I get this bug worked out, THIS PROGRAM WILL BE ONE OF THE BEST EVER!!

Thumbs Up  Computer support business owner 16-Jan-2005 06:30:01 AM
   "Must have for anyone using PDF files"
Ever wanted to edit a PDF document? Ever tried any of the Adobe products and gave up after finding it ridiculously difficult? Well, PDFill is what you need. Does exactly what you want to do and does it so easily and flawlessly. Am I gushing? Yes! It's that good and you can't beat the price. Compare it to $600 Adobe Pro. No brainer.

Thumbs Up  guest 07-Jan-2005 01:49:59 PM
   "Fantastic software find"
I downloaded and installed PDFill 2.0 in the hopes that I could avoid completing grad school applications by hand. What a godsend! This program does exactly what it advertises at a great price. It's worth noting that you have to install Java Virtual Machine (Sun or Microsoft) as well as Ghostscript (version 8.50 is out) first, but both are free and easy to find. Kudos to the developers!

Thumbs Up  HopefulLawStudent 22-Dec-2004 08:20:01 AM
 1   2   3   4   5 
Ease of Use  
   "easy to use and unbelievable for price"
I downloaded this program just to try to help fill out my law school applications. It was so easy to use and was great because I could use the features for both actual PDFs created in Adobe and documents that were converted to PDFs. Adobe Acrobat does not allow you to edit PDFs not created in Adobe so the only way to edit these PDFs was by using PDFill. Support has been great with the few questions I had (no problems with the software!), and if I never use this program again, the cheap price was definitely worth it just for these applications alone!

Thumbs Up  Font guy 21-Dec-2004 07:40:01 AM
 1   2   3   4   5 
Ease of Use  
   "Excellent. Fast"
Actually, I like it better than Adobe Acrobat and Distiller. It's faster. Only one thing...It worked on my office computer, but on my home computer, the type showed up as dots. Both were Win XP. Hopefully, I'll resolve that problem.

Thumbs Up  Dharani 19-Dec-2004 07:29:59 AM
 1   2   3   4   5 
Ease of Use  
   "really very useful product, and excellent customer care."
Much better than any other expensive products. I am really happy and satisfied.We higly recommend this product.

Thumbs Up  Scott 15-Dec-2004 01:40:04 PM
Did what at I needed it to, at the right price.

Thumbs Up  Leroy 28-Nov-2004 07:49:59 AM
   "Great for filling out forms"
This product is great. As some folks age the writing is difficult and this product is of great assistance.
Thumbs Up  han 16-Nov-2004 05:10:00 PM
   "Better than full Acrobat."
Software does everything I wanted to do with pdf files and more. There was one feature, which I needed, so I emailed PDFFill guys and updated version arrived in 2 days. Amazing

Thumbs Up  laurel 15-Nov-2004 09:00:01 PM
   "Great little $10 tool"
I just downloaded ver 2, and haven't tried it. Still, ver 1 was fine. I detest handwriting forms, and this little gem will let you fill them in without buying Acrobat. When it is not a fillable form, you can still make text fields and type into them. Well worth it.

Thumbs Up  Satisfied user 08-Nov-2004 07:29:59 PM
   "Great PDF Writer"
For converting word documents and excel spreadsheets... This is free and perfect. The form filler sounds like a great idea. Sounds like a great deal for $10. Haven't tried it yet though.

Thumbs Up  Amazing! 06-Nov-2004 12:40:00 PM
   "Fill and Save PDF forms!"
PDFill Works very well with Adobe Reader! No need to spend $300 to buy full version of acrobat. It saves me hundreds of dollars. It also saves major hard drive space.

Thumbs Up  Jay 03-Nov-2004 06:40:05 AM
 1   2   3   4   5 
Ease of Use  
   "Great Tool, Great Service!"
Excellent value. It gets the job done with no hassle, no fuss, and no muss. Best of all, you can have Free Upgrade Forever!

Thumbs UpSteve 26-Oct-2004 11:29:59 PM
   "Great Tech Support"
Had problems when installing this program on my WIN2K SP4. E-mailed to tech support for help and got it resolved in no time.

Thumbs UpJabba the Hut 21-Oct-2004 02:00:00 PM
 1   2   3   4   5 
Ease of Use  
   "Get it!"
I paid for this program (with PayPal) 5 minutes after I installed it. Yes, it's THAT good. I'm still wondering why only 10 bucks! I had to fill out an application and this pup simply fit the bill. I used the CutePDF printer that's available for free here to scan in the application and then PDFill to type in what I wanted. Very easy to use at a price you just can't beat! No I don't work for PDFill nor am I associated with them in any way except for being a registered user. And I don't normally take time out to fill out an opinion on anything but I had to here. Get the trial version, give it a go and see how long it takes YOU to fire off 10 bucks to these people! One of the few good deals going IMHO Ya'll be cool now .....

Thumbs UpPenguin 12-Oct-2004 08:12:14 AM
 1   2   3   4   5 
Ease of Use  
   "Great Program, Great Support"
Best $10 I ever spent on software. This program was a life-saver for filling out college application forms for my son. It does exactly what it claims and hasn't crashed once. I had a problem with payment and their support person emailed me a license code while they worked on it.

Thumbs UpExpeach96 05-Oct-2004 07:12:10 PM
 1   2   3   4   5 
Ease of Use  
This program took a little bit to figure out. But after working with it. I fell in love. This is so much better than paying

8)    PDFill 1.0 from

 Thumbs UpKeith 27-Aug-2004 01:58:21 PM
   1   2   3   4   5 
Ease of Use  
   "Very pleased"

Thumbs Up  Value Customer 31-Jul-2004 03:29:42 AM
   1   2   3   4   5 
Ease of Use  
   "I was waiting for this!"
Exceeded my expectations. Far greater value than competition (i.e., CutePDF Filler). Downloaded and tested; worked great! Easy registration with PayPal. Highly recommended. Very happy with the results; thanks for your great work, PDFill. I needed this!

Thumbs Up  LB 18-Jul-2004 08:50:46 PM
   1   2   3   4   5 
Ease of Use  
   "Better than expected"
I was able to easily complete a pdf job application using PDFill. The feature that allows you to add text anywhere on the PDF (not just in the forms) was very helpful. Other editors I tried before this one could not do anything with my job app because it had no forms, but PDFill made it easy. PDFill puts a big watermark on each page until you pay the $9.99 fee. I paid it and got an unlock code in seconds. Great price.

9)    FREE PDFill PDF Tools from

Reviewer:  Mustang33

24-Apr-2007 01:52:29 PM
Worked where others did not.

Pros:  This product works great and is free. I had a 3.2 MB 560 page PDF with a few graphics that I needed to split out about 150 pages and this product worked where others did not.

Reviewer: adm707

07-Feb-2007 04:58:44 AM
Pros: I'm looking to create hard copies of some of my PDF documents and this PDF to Image converter is exactly what I needed!

Reviewer: Lmitc628

13-Jan-2007 11:06:41 AM
Great PDF Download!
Pros: PDFill PDF Tools does everything that it states. I love the look and the simple format. I tried the merge, split, reorder, rotate, crop, header/footer, watermark, and convert images to pdf (vice versa) features. [That was 9 of the 12 features]. It worked excellently. The conversion is fast and doesn't freeze your computer. Yes, you do have to install Ghostscript before using the program. I look it up and it's just postscript utility. Another plus is there are no pop-ups or annoying ads. Great all around program. Give it a try. It's free.

Reviewer: dhorowitz

20-Nov-2006 05:56:04 PM
Good, real product. Thank you!
Pros: This is a real product from what I can tell, not some weird spyware as some people thought. It is one of those things that is really too good to be true, but is. I have used it to split PDF's into separate files, and also to merge them. I don't find the user interface to be as complicated as some people have mentioned -- I'm mostly happy that it does what it's supposed to do and rather easily. I like it very much, and am very glad there is such a great, free product out there. There are many more features that I haven't used. And yes, you have to download GhostScript, but again, that's a real utility. This product just seems to work as promised. Yahoo!

Reviewer: Hobbes29

01-Nov-2006 10:39:47 AM
This program helps you very easy to merge or rotate PDF files
Pros: If you want to merge two or more PDF-files into one PDF, this program is what you need. The simple interface makes it very easy to work with.

Reviewer: flexible

15-Oct-2006 10:54:56 AM
Great! Saves time and trees
Pros: Before installing PDFill I used to have to make copies of the back pages of any 2-sided paper documents before scanning them with my sheet-feed scanner. Now I can scan the fronts and backs into two separate documents and easily merge them with this handy tool.

Reviewer:  mchazz

13-Oct-2006 08:20:52 AM
Great for merging single PDFs into one multi-page PDF
Pros: I like the ability to merge single PDFs into one multi-page PDF. If this is what you need to do - this is the software for you. I haven't checked out any of the other features except for the merge function, but I see no problems with it.

Reviewer: SillyChild_420

20-Aug-2006 06:01:01 PM
Fantastic - Just what I was looking for.
Pros: Light weight, Free, Heaps of functionality, This is by far the best PDF tool that I have seen so far. Excellent software.

Reviewer: binder3rings-1

24-Apr-2006 04:32:06 PM
Excellent. I've been looking for a free PDF document combiner for a long time.
Pros: -Does what it says it can do. -Fast. -Easy to understand user interface. None really. Installation of Ghostscript interpreter might alarm people who don't know what Ghostscript is. (It's a perfectly safe open source software used in postscript conversion. Look it up in Google to address your concern.)

Reviewer: gerrymalzone2000

01-Apr-2006 03:46:20 PM
Excellent FREE PDF Management Software for every computer
Pros: I can not believe that it is FREE! I installed it on all my computers to merge and split PDF. The new 4.1 interface looks very profesional. It is a nice a job! Thanks to the owner PlotSoft again!
  Thumbs UpJT 04-Nov-2004 05:29:59 PM
   "On of the best tools around!"
PlotSoft I salute you for providing such an invaluable tool for free. People are getting spoiled complaining about installing ""7mb Ghostscript program"" (see Bob below)!!! How would you like trying to install several hundred mega bytes of Adobe Acrobat for size?

Thumbs Up  Ricebug 24-Oct-2004 08:30:02 AM
   "Excellent Product"
I had downloaded a PDF file that I wanted to incorporate part of into a Word doc. Unfortunately, the author had locked the file so that no part of it could be copied. PDFill's decryption functions allowed me to check the COPY option. Even though it asked for the user name and password embedded within the PDF file, I ignored it and hit OK. VOILA! The file was unlocked and text could be copied and pasted.

Thumbs Up  Charles 18-Oct-2004 10:40:00 PM
PDFill works very well in my office computers. It is FREE for any user! PaperlessPrinter is only free for non-commercial use. Its size is 9.2MB! Furthermore, there is no free pdf functions to merge, split PDF.

Thumbs Up  Jay 15-Oct-2004 09:52:15 AM
   "Good product"
For merging PDF files this is a great FREE product. I realy don't care that I have to download additional software. It is FREE!


10)    FREE PDFill PDF Writer 2.0 from

Thumbs Up  Aldo 11-Nov-2004 02:00:01 AM
   "It works properly"
I need to convert very few files into PDF format and I don't think it's fair to pay for such a service. PDFill works perfectly! With other free softwares I wasn't able to generate color PDF files, now I got them!

Thumbs Up  Kevo 10-Nov-2004 03:30:05 PM
   "Works fine at first glance."
I didn't like the fact that I had to download Ghostview and JVM ... they're not included ... but at first glance, converting MSWord docs to PDF seems to work just fine. And the price is right.

Thumbs Up  john 29-Oct-2004 08:10:02 PM
   "Better Deal than $200 Adobe Acrobat"
This is an excellent FREE product. It converted my Microsoft Word document into a 30-page pdf document in just a few second! The new pdf looks perfect! Also, I use the free pdf tools to merge several pdf files. It rocks!


11)    Kim Komando Tip of the Day: Software for completing PDF forms


Q. I need to enter information into a large group of Adobe Acrobat PDF files. I cannot buy a major program to do so. So right now, I am writing the information on the documents that I print by hand. This takes time I do not have. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
A. I bet it is taking a bunch of time! Let me try to help you out.

The latest release of Adobe's free Acrobat Reader, version 7.0, will let you to fill out forms and make some changes to PDF files. It will even allow you to attach voice notes to the PDF file!

Before you too excited, there is a catch. The PDF file must be created in the full version of Acrobat 7.0 Professional, and the option to make changes to it via Reader must be enabled.

Since Acrobat 7.0 has only been available a short time, it is a long shot to assume you will be able to complete your forms with the free Acrobat Reader. However, if someone sends you PDF forms frequently, suggest they use version 7.0 of the software.

Alternatively, you can try a program that fits your budget. The widely available Adobe Acrobat Professional works well, but it is $450. Cha-ching! Further, it has many features that you will not need.

When you are looking at programs that work with PDF files, you need to know some terms. If a program claims that it will "create" documents, this means it can save a Word document or another type of file as a PDF file.

This is not the same as "editing," which you need. Unless a program says that it can edit a PDF file or allow you to type on it, it more than likely does not have that capability.

There are many different editing programs available. Fortunately, you can try before you buy. Here are three to check out.

PDFill Form Filler with Writer and Tools, $9.95