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PDFill Options

From Format Menu, Select PDFill Options. You will see the following dialog with 7 tabbed views: General, View, PDF Form, Default Value, Tablet, Ink, System.

1. General Options:

Grow Editor Size automatically The Editor Box for the MultpleLine Text will grow if the text is outside the box.
Shrink Editor Size automatically The Editor Box for the MultpleLine Text will shrink if the text is too far from the bottom of the box.
Smart Positioning (Flashing Blue Line) As it is ON, a flashing blue line is used to align objects both horizontally and vertically. See details here.
Show Warning when Delete As it is ON, warning messaging is displayed when each object is deleted.
Show Saving PDF Options As it is ON, the dialog for PDF Saving Options is displayed.
Save New PDF When Saving Project File As it is ON, the new PDF will be saved after the project saving.
If you are evaluating PDFill before you buy, you must save PDFill project for later editing
Show Font Warning when Comment Text is used

A warning when you use the Commenting text for the first time.
Adobe Reader will use its default font for PDF Commenting Text. So, the text style inside PDFill will be different than that inside Adobe Reader. To exactly control  the text style (font encode, font name, font size and font style) in the PDF output, please use the Single Line Text or Multiple Line Text.
You can convert the Commenting Text into the Multiple Line Text so that the text inside PDFill will match the text inside the PDF output.

Saving File Ending

The default string to be added to the saved PDF file name.
If the Empty string is selected, the original PDF will be replaced by the new filled PDF and you must save your project file so that you can resume your editing later.

Show Evaluation Dialog if not Registered If set, the Evaluation Dialog will not show. But, the watermark will still be added into the saved PDF.
Curve Sampling Milliseonds The time period in milliseconds between points when you draw a curve.  The higher value, the less points will be taken into a curve.
Resume Last Project on Opening If set, the last project will be resumed when PDFill PDF Editor is open.
Warn to Save Project in Min If set, there is automatic warning message to ask the user to save the project file in the selected minutes.
Always scan into a new blank PDF When scan a new paper form into PDFill, a new blank PDF is used. 
Deskew Angle Range Specify the working (deskew) range in degrees. Low values enhance performance. For example, specifying 30 Skew will scan the image searching for pixels inside a range of -15 to 15 degrees. Angle Range can be from 1 to 90. The default is 30.  See details here.
Scan using WIA instead of TWAIN Method Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) is the still image acquisition platform by Microsoft. TWAIN is a standard software protocol and applications programming interface (API) that regulates communication between software applications and imaging devices such as scanners and digital cameras.

If you have Scanner "Server Busy" Problem when using TWAIN method,  check this option to use WIA scanning method.

Deskew Sampling Skip Sampling skip means that only a fraction of the submitted lots are inspected. This mode of sampling is of the cost-saving variety in terms of time and effort. The range can be from 0 to 20. The default is 3. See details here.
Deskew using Automatic Angle Detection It automatically checks if the PDF page is skewed, then corrects the skewed PDF page using a special algorithm.  It works only with the scanned text-print image. See details here.
Deskew Page DPI The resolution in dpi is used as the deskewed PDF page is converted into images inside PDFill.
Snapshot DPI The Snapshot resolution in dpi (Edit Menu => Take a Snapshot) is used as Part of PDF Page is copied into Clipboard.  Default is 150 dpi
Edit Saved PDFill Objects See How to Save, Manage and Use the PDFill Objects

2. View:

Page Units 5 units Options: Inches ("), Points (pt), Picas (pc), Millimeters (mm) and Centimeters (cm).
Page Display Style 3 styles for the page background: Blue Gradient Style, Adobe Reader Style, Microsoft Office Style
Show Page Grid If set, Page Grid lines will be shown inside the Editor. You can right click a blank area, select Show/Hide.
Text Editor's White Space: Show/Hide Select it to see the space or new line character inside the text editor box. It will not show on the PDF output.
Text Editor Color or Transparent If checked, select a color of the text editor when editing;
If unchecked, the editor is transparent.
Show Ruler If set, Ruler will be shown. You can right click a blank area, select Show/Hide.
Menu Style

Office 2007 Frame

Style for Menu and Toolbar Themes: Microsoft Office XP, Office 2003, Office 2000, Native XP, Visual Studio 2005, Office 2007 Theme, Office 2007 Ribbon Theme, or Office 2007 Frame
Default Zoom Selection The default zoom level when a PDF document is opened inside PDFill Window: Fit in Window, Actual Size (100%) and Fit Width
Toolbar's Icon Size The icon size inside toolbar: 16 x 16 point, 24 x 24 point and 32 x 32 point.

Normal Mode: Not Use Tabbed Toolbar Mode

Choose a GUI Style NO Action
Default GUI (Reset All Toolbars)
Simple GUI for PDF Form Filler:  The tool bar mode will be switched to normal. All the toolbars except Standard and View Toolbars are hidden. This is good for the fillable PDF Form Filling. All the PDF Editing Toolbars are not available
GUI for Sketchers: The accustomed GUI for the sketchers to draw shapes

Hide the following Toolbars under Normal (Non Tabbed) Toolbar Mode:

The following toolbars can be hidden under Normal (Non Tabbed) Toolbar Mode: Standard, Document, View, Format, Forms, Comment, Draw, Align, Ink and Status.

On the first option, Select the toolbar first. One the second option, select to hide the entire toolbar or one of the icons. One the third option, select to show the icons or show the entire toolbar.

Use Tabbed Toolbar Mode

Tabbed Toolbars contain all the functionality of normal toolbars, however Tabbed toolbars eliminate the need for 9 toolbars to be crowded by organizing them into a single Tabular Toolbar.  The contents of a toolbar can be accessed simply by clicking on its tab. Tabbed toolbars are not only easy to use, but they increase the usable view area.

You can set the toolbar to start with.

If this toolbar mode is changed, you must exit and restart PDFill window to see the effect.

3. PDF Form

Show  PDF Form Field's Name As it is on, show each PDF Form Field name inside the field box.
Show warning if NO PDF Form Field When a PDF form with no interactive PDF form field is read into PDFill, a warning message is displayed to help the user.
Show Form Field' Tab Order As it is on, the tab order is shown to see the tab order of PDF Form Field.
Use Default Whiteout Color as Fill Color As it is on, the new PDF Form Field is created with fill color using the default Whiteout Color.
Show the Hidden Original Form Field If checked, the original form field with the Hidden property will be shown.
Edit the Read-Only Original Form Field If checked, the original form field with Read-Only property will be edited.
Use AutoFill After Reading PDF Form When a PDF document with interactive PDF Form is first read into PDFill, some PDF form fields will be filled automatically if their names are exactly listed under the AutoFill Table of Names and Values.
Edit the AutoFill List Click to see the following dialog. See details in PDF Form Filler.

Check Box's Default Shape The default shape for the check box: Cross, Check and Radio button.
Default Text Field Name The default field name for a new Text Field.
Show Form Field's Fill  Color inside PDFill If set, the background color of the form field will be shown on the PDFill page.
Show New Text Form Field's Property Dialog If set, the property dialog will be shown when the new field is created.
Keep Same Form Name when Copying When a new form field is copied, the same form name will be kept.
Form 's Display Color inside PDFill Change the display color for the Form field. Note that the the display color on PDFill page is the mixture of your selected color and the original PDF background color. So, the display color looks different from your selected color. 

4. Default Value

Type to Start With Default PDFill Type Start With: Selection, SingleLine Text, MultipleLine Text, Check Box, Image, Line, Arrow, Curve, Ink Pen, Ink Marker and Ink Highlighter
Use Redaction/Eraser Color If set, the area of redaction or the erased area is filled by this color.
 Font Default Font Property Selection:
Font Encode, Font Name, Font Style, Font Align, Font Size and Font Color

It is effective when PDFill is started. You may need to close and open PDFill again.

The Unicode package almost supports all the languages: ANSI, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, BALTIC, EASTEUROPE, OEM, MAC, RUSSIAN, SYMBOL, TURKISH, GREEK, ARABIC, HEBREW, THAI and VIETNAMESE.

Here are the tips for the international user:

1. Select your language coding (Default Font Encode) from PDFill Options. You may try to select a different font (Default Font Name) to see if it works. Some font may be empty.

2. To have your font, please make sure that you can view your language in IE browser. Please install your language font if you cannot find your language coding.

3 . Download the Asian and Central European font packs for your Adobe Reader:

Drawing Default Drawing Property Selection:
Line Size, Line Color, Dashed Style, Arrow Begin Style, Arrow End Style, Arrow Begin Size, Arrow End Size, Arrow Line Size, and Arrow Line Color
Whiteout/Fill Color The default whiteout color to cover the original PDF area and insert new objects.
Hide Property Dialog
: When the user use the Whiteout feature, the property dialog will be hidden.    
Highlight Color The default Highlight color to highlight the original PDF area and insert new objects.
The default Transparency for the highlight.
Hide Property Dialog
: When the user use the Highlight feature, the property dialog will be hidden.    
Hyperlink The default URL. Here are some examples:
:support@pdfill.com?subject=my subject
mailto:support@pdfill.com?subject=my subject&cc=barfoo@foobar.com&bcc=secretfoo@bar.com&body=type body line here
Current User Its full name and company Name are used by Dynamic Stamp
Email PDF Options when Microsoft Outlook is launched:
Show PDF File Name on Subject
Show PDF File Name on Body Text
Default Receiver Name and Email

5. Tablet

Use Tablet Mode for Non-Ink PDFill Objects Check this if you want to create and edit non-ink PDFill Objects using a tablet PC.
Selection Diameter The diameter of selection is ranged from 6 pixels to 30 pixels. Since the selection by mouse in PC is more accurate than the selection by finger on a touch PC's screen, the default is 12 pixels for the normal PC and 24 pixels for tablet mode. 
Show Cursor inside Selection Circle The arrow sign is shown inside the selection circle.
Use Tabbed Toolbar Mode/Toolbar's Icon Size When the tablet mode is used, the tabbed toolbar and bigger icon size are set as default. See details in View

6. PDF Ink

Ink Resolution (dpi) Ink resolution defines the image quality when ink objects is saved into PDF as image objects. The default is 150 dpi.
Support Pressure-Sensitive Pen Whether to avoid varying the thickness of ink with pressure data (ON) or not (OFF).  Hardware is required to have this function.
Auto Smooth Free Hand to Straight lines Auto Smooth Free Hand to Straight lines if the stroke curve is  close to a vertical or horizontal lines.
Fit to Bezier Curves Whether ink is rendered as a series of straight lines (OFF) or Bezier curves (ON).
Support Antialiasing Anti-aliasing refers to a number of techniques to combat the problems of aliasing.
Pen's Ink Color The color used to draw ink. The default color is Blue in Pen Mode.
Pen's Ink Shape, Width, Height or Diameter The style of ink tip used to draw: Ball or Rectangle. Width and Height specify the thickness of ink when using the rectangle ink tip; Diameter specifies the thickness of ink when using the ball ink tip.  The default shape in Pen Mode is Ball with 1 point in Diameter.
Marker's Ink Color The color used to draw ink. The default color is Red in Marker Mode.
Marker's Ink Shape, Width, Height or Diameter The style of ink tip used to draw: Ball or Rectangle. Width and Height specify the thickness of ink when using the rectangle ink tip; Diameter specifies the thickness of ink when using the ball ink tip.  The default shape in Marker Mode is Rectangle with 4 points in Width, 8 points in Height.
Highlighter's Ink Color The color used to draw ink. The default color is Yellow  in Highlighter Mode.
Highlighter's Ink Shape, Width, Height or Diameter The style of ink tip used to draw: Ball or Rectangle. Width and Height specify the thickness of ink when using the rectangle ink tip; Diameter specifies the thickness of ink when using the ball ink tip.  The default shape in Highlighter Mode is Rectangle with 6 points in Width, 12 points in Height.

7. System

Adobe Reader Adobe Reader's version and its installation path. Get update.
Temp File Keep Days When the PDF file is loaded into PDFill, it is converted into  images and saved under the temp folder.  When the project is resumed, there is no need to make this conversion.  But, the temp file takes the disk space. So, it will be deleted if it is more than this period.
PDF Page Display inside PDFill Display PDF Page onto Screen directly
Page Image Memory Factor: When 0, the least memory is used to display the PDF Page.  When 10, the max memory is used.
Convert PDF Page into Image
Page Resolution (dpi): The resolution in dpi is used as the PDF page is converted into images inside PDFill. The higher dpi, the better resolution to display inside PDFill. But, the higher dpi will result in slower speed and bigger temporary file size. The edited PDF is NOT related to the dpi. It is always in business quality PDF.
Auto Detect the slow Page Display to use the second method If set, the time to draw PDF Page directly onto screen in Method 1 will be calculated. If the drawing time is more than 0.5 second, PDFill will switch to the second method, which is faster.  
Large Image Display Reduction Cap (Million Pixels) Large Image Display Reduction Cap to display image-intensive pages. For example, when a 10.0M image is inserted into a PDF, it may be displayed slowly inside PDFill. If 1.0M Cap is selected, only a 1.0M image will be displayed inside PDFill. But, the image inside the new PDF will be still the original 10.0M image.
Barcode Resolution (dpi) The DPI when the barcode image is saved into a PNG file.
Open Folder Automatically after saving PDF After the new PDF is generated, the folder with PDF will be open automatically.
Open PDF file Automatically by Adobe Reader After the new PDF is generated, the new PDF is open automatically by Adobe Reader.
Script File for Batch Error When there is error from Batch Command, the error message is saved into this file instead of pop up.


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