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Quick Start on PDFill PDF Editor

PDFill is very easy to use! The interface looks like the combination of Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word. You can have a new project to open a new PDF file or resume the saved project to continue your editing work. The following are the steps on how to use PDFill PDF Editor.

Step 1: Start PDFill PDF Editor

  • From Your desktop, click the icon of "PDFill PDF Editor".

You will see a screen like this:

If you use a tablet PC, click for the PDFill Options on Tablet PC.

Step 2: Create New or Resume PDFill Project (You must save the project file for later editing)

  • To open a new PDF file, select Menu File > New Project to Open a New PDF. Or, click  from Toolbar. Then, a File Selection Dialog comes up.  Select a PDF file that needs filled.  Please wait a few second until all PDF pages are read into PDFill.


  • To create a new blank PDF file to insert image, texts, PDF form fields or scan an image, select Menu File > New Project with Blank Page.
  • To resume a saved project, select Menu File >Open an Existing Project. Or, click  from Toolbar.  Select a PDFill Project (pfl) file to open. 

Step 3: Start PDF Editing

Select  first to popup the Redaction/Eraser Menu:

  • PDF Form Filler: Fill a PDF Form

     first. Use left mouse button to click inside the form field to select and edit it.
    or, Use Tab or Shrift+Tab to select fields.
  • PDF Filler: Insert new Text, Check, Image, Hyperlink, Whiteout or Highlight.

  • PDF Form Maker:  Insert a new PDF form field of Text Box, Check Box, Radio Button, Combo Box, List Box, Push Button and Digital Signature.

There are 5 tutorials for PDF Form Maker:

  • PDF Drawing: Draw Line, Arrow, Rectangle, Circle, Arc, Pie, or Curve

  • PDF Comment and Annotation: Insert Stamp, Text Box, Highlight, Sticky Note, Pop Up, Attachment, Play Video, Line, Arrow, Rectangle, Oval, Polyline, Polygon, Cloud, Pencil Drawing, and 3D UCD file.

  • PDF Ink: Write, draw, mark or highlight PDF documents with pen input or mouse.

  • PDF Document Management: Insert, Replace, Delete, Renumber, Extract, Rotate and Crop PDF Pages, Deskew, Add Bookmark, Header, Footer, Watermark, Attachment, Action, JavaScript and Digital Signature.

  • Scan a Paper Form into PDF, See details in PDF Scanner
  • To modify an object, select  first. Use left mouse button to click inside field to select and edit it.
  • To change the properties of the selected object, Press Key "F4",  Menu Format => Current Object's Properties, or Click .
  • To align objects, please select the Align Tool .

  • To change the view, Select zoom in/out, Pan from here:


Step 4: Save all Editing into a new PDF and Project File

  • To save the edited PDF, select Menu File > Save PDF. Or, click  from Toolbar.  Then, select your options and save all editing into a new PDF file. 


  • To save this project, select Menu File > Save Project or click from Toolbar.  Please save the project often.
    You must
    save editing into a project file (PFL) so that you can resume editing later.


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