Edit Original Text

(See Example PDF before Editing, PDF after Editing,  and the Example PDFill Project File)

You can select the original text:

Steps to Edit the original texts:

Step 1: Hold left mouse button to Drag. The selected text will be highlighted with red border: 

Step 2: Right click the mouse to show the option menu. Select "Replace with New SingleLine Text"

Step 3: The Text Edit Box will show over the selected text.

Edit this new styled SingleLine Text. There are property options for Font Encode, Font Name, Font Style, Font Enbed, Font Color, Font Size, Stroke Type, Stroke Color, Stroke Size, Under Line, Strike Through, Alignment, Rotate, Base Point, PDF Action, Right to Left (RTL), Whiteout (Fill Color), Transparency and more.

Exit editing.

Step 4: Save into a new PDF to see the effect inside Adobe Reader.

There are other two ways to enter the state to select the original Texts:

1. Edit Menu => Select Original Texts

2. Right click the mouse on an empty area to show this menu:

Select text and Right click to show this menu.

Select "Select Original Text".

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