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PDFill PDF Filler: Single Line Text Tool

(See Example PDF and Example PDFill Project File  )

You can use this tool to type a styled text string into PDF document anywhere, just like using a PDF Typewriter.

There are property options for Font Encode, Font Name, Font Style, Font Enbed, Font Color, Font Size, Stroke Type, Stroke Color, Stroke Size, Under Line, Strike Through, Alignment, Rotate, Base Point, PDF Action, Right to Left (RTL), Whiteout (Fill Color), Transparency and more.

1.  Steps on how to type a Single Line Text onto PDF Page:

 or check SingleLine Text button to insert a single line text from the Format Toolbar.

2. Access the properties:

3. Set the properties:

Here is the list of the properties.


It is the text string entered from the keyboard.

Font Encode

Click here to see the listed links to international graphical representations, and textual listings, of each of the Windows codepages that PDFill supports.

Font Name

Some font is empty for the selected Font Encode. You must play with several fonts to see if it works inside PDFill.

Font Style

Font Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic.

Font Enbed Font Embedding allows the fonts used in the creation of a text string to travel with that PDF document, ensuring that a user sees that text string exactly as the designer intended them to be seen. But, it requires bigger PDF file size. There are 3 options: Auto, NOT Embedded and Embedded.
Font Color The color of the text.

Font Size

The size of the Font.

Run Direction The Option for Text Run Direction: Default Run Direction; No Bidirectional Reordering; Left To Right (LTR); Right To Left (RTL).

Bidirectional Text: Middle eastern languages such as Hebrew and Arabic are written predominantly right-to-left. Numbers are written with the most significant digit left-most, just as in European or other left-to-right text. Languages written in left-to-right scripts are often mixed in, so the complete document is bidirectional in nature, a mix of both right-to-left (RTL) and left-to-right (LTR) writing.

Arabic Shaping The option for Arabic Shaping: None; Eliminate Vowels: Eliminate the Arabic vowels; Compose Tashkeel: Compose the tashkeel in the ligatures; Extra Double Ligatures: Do some extra double ligatures.
Alignment Text Alignment.  Left:  The base point is on the left; Center: The base point is in the middle; Right: The base point is in the right.
Stroke Type The Type of Striking: Fill, Strike, Fill and Strike, Invisible and Searchable
Stroke Color The color of the strike.
Stroke Size The size of strike relative to the font size.
UnderLine a single line along the bottom of text
StrikeThrough A line in the middle of the text
Whiteout (Fill Color) The background color of the field, If set, it will be opaque. It can used to cover the original text and add a new text.
Base Point (X, Y) The X and Y coordinate to define the position of the text.
Char Space Sets the character spacing parameter.
Rotate The rotation degree from 3 clock relative to the base Point.

The transparency of the text.

PDF Layer

Select a PDF Layer name if it belongs to a PDF Layer. Make it empty if it doesn't belong to a PDF Layer. See details in PDF Layer.

Blend Mode Color Blend Mode for Text. Please save into a new PDF to see the blending effect.
Action: Add Link, Submit, JavaScript and more ... See PDF Actions

It will show on the Foreground or Background of the PDF document.

Set this field as default

If set, the new object will have the same properties as this one.

4. Screenshot:

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