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PDFill PDF Drawing: 
(See Example PDF and Example PDFill Project File  )

PDFill PDF Drawing lets the user open PDF file and draw Line, Arrow, Rectangle, Square, Round corner, Circle, Ellipse, Oval, Arc, Pie, Basic Shapes and Curves directly onto the PDF document. The edited document can then be saved directly back to the PDF format. This function is similar to Microsoft Drawing and is very easy to use.

Basic Shape Drawings include Isosceles Triangle, Right Triangle, Diamond, Pentagon, Hexagon, Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow, 4-Point Star, 5-Point Star, 6-Point Star, Rounded Rectangular Callout, Oval Callout, Cloud Callout, Heart, Lightning and Smiley Face.

The curve types includes Smooth Curve, Straight Curve, Smooth Scribble, Straight Scribble, Smooth Freeform, Straight Freeform, Cloud Tool and Drawing Pen. You can edit each curve point and open/close the curve.

You can change drawings Line Width, Dashed Style, Arrow Style, Line Color, Fill Color, Transparency and Layer properties. You can pick up a document color for Line or Fill Color. You can use Align Tools to precisely align each drawing objects position.

Hold SHIFT Key to draw Horizontal, Vertical or 45 degree straight lines for Drawing Line or Arrow Tool, Drawing Curve Tool, Comment Line or Arrow Tool, Comment Polyline and Polygon Tool.

You can use this function from Drawing Toolbar or Insert Menu:

1. Draw Line or Arrow Tool

2. Draw Rectangle , Circle or Basic Shapes Tool

3. Draw Callout Tool

4. Draw Curve Tool

Tools for Drawing:

Line Width Dashed Style Arrow Style Line Color Fill Color Transparency

Screenshots on Drawings:

Draw Line Tool

Draw Arrow Tool

Draw Rectangle Tool

Draw Circle Tool

Draw Basic Shape Tool

Draw Callout Tool

Draw Curve Tool


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