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PDFill PDF Editor Enterprise Version: Office Shapes

The users can draw many types of Office Shapes into PDF document to highlight the important items inside PDF document. These shapes coming with styled Text can bring attention to those items. This helps readers better understand the content of the PDF document.

Like the Shape function inside Microsoft Office, these shapes are organized in the following categories: Recently Used Shapes, Lines, Rectangles, Basic Shapes, Block Arrows, Equation Shapes, Flowchart, Stars and Banners, Callouts, Action Buttons

See How to use Office Shapes inside PDFill PDF Editor Enterprise.

Screenshots on Office Shapes:

1. Recently Used Shapes


2. Lines
(See Example PDF and Example PDFill Project File  )

Line, Arrow, Double Arrow, Elbow Connector, Elbow Arrow Connector, Elbow Double-Arrow Connector, Curved Connector, Curved Arrow Connector, Curved Double-Arrow Connector, Curve, Freeform, Scribble


3. Rectangles

(See Example PDF and Example PDFill Project File  )

Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Snip Single Corner Rectangle, Snip Same Side Corner Rectangle, Snip Diagonal Corner Rectangle, Snip and Round Single Corner Rectangle, Round Single Corner Rectangle, Round Same Side Corner Rectangle, Round Diagonal Corner Rectangle

4. Basic Shapes

(See Example PDF and Example PDFill Project File  )

Textbox, Oval, Isosceles Triangle, Right Triangle, Parallelogram, Trapezoid, Diamond, Regular Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon, Octagon, Decagon, Dodecagon, Pie, Chord, Teardrop, Frame, Half Frame, L-Shape, Diagonal Stripe, Cross, Plaque, Can, Cube, Bevel, Donut, "No" Symbol, Block Arc, Folded Corner, Smiley Face, Heart, Lightning Bolt, Sun, Moon, Cloud, Arc, Double Bracket, Double Brace, Left Bracket, Right Bracket, Left Brace, Right Brace

5. Block Arrows

(See Example PDF and Example PDFill Project File  )

Right Arrow, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Left-Right Arrow, Up-Down Arrow, Quad Arrow, Left-Right-Up Arrow, Bent Arrow, U-Turn Arrow, Left-Up Arrow, Bent-Up Arrow, Curved Right Arrow, Curved Left Arrow, Curved Up Arrow, Curved Down Arrow, Striped Right Arrow, Notched Right Arrow, Pentagon, Chevron, Right Arrow Callout, Down Arrow Callout, Left Arrow Callout, Up Arrow Callout, Left-Right Arrow Callout, Quad Arrow Callout, Circular Arrow

6. Equation Shapes

(See Example PDF and Example PDFill Project File  )

Plus, Minus, Multiply, Division, Equal, Not Equal

7. Flowchart

(See Example PDF and Example PDFill Project File  )

Process , Alternate Process, Decision, Data, Predefined Process, Internal Storage, Document, Multidocument, Terminator, Preparation, Manual Input, Manual Operation, Connector, Off-page Connector, Card, Punched Tape, Summing Junction, Or, Collate, Sort, Extract, Merge, Stored Data, Delay, Sequential Access Storage, Magnetic Disk, Direct Access Storage, Display

8. Stars and Banners
(See Example PDF and Example PDFill Project File  )

Explosion 1, Explosion 2, 4-Point Star, 5-Point Star, 6-Point Star, 7-Point Star, 8-Point Star, 10-Point Star, 12-Point Star, 16-Point Star, 24-Point Star, 32-Point Star, Up Ribbon, Down Ribbon, Curved Up Ribbon, Curved Down Ribbon, Vertical Scroll, Horizontal Scroll, Wave, Double Wave

9. Callouts

(See Example PDF and Example PDFill Project File  )

Rectangular Callout, Rounded Rectangular Callout , Oval Callout, Cloud Callout, Line Callout 1, Line Callout 2, Line Callout 3, Line Callout 1 (Accent Bar), Line Callout 2 (Accent Bar), Line Callout 3 (Accent Bar), Line Callout 1 (No Border) , Line Callout 2 (No Border) , Line Callout 3 (No Border) , Line Callout 1 (Border and Accent Bar) , Line Callout 2 (Border and Accent Bar) ,  Line Callout 3 (Border and Accent Bar)

10. Action Buttons

(See Example PDF and Example PDFill Project File  )

Back or Previous, Forward or Next, Beginning, End, Home, Information, Return, Movie, Document, Sound, Help, Custom

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