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PDFill PDF Barcode Generator: 8. EAN/UPC Barcode

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An EAN-13 barcode (originally European Article Number, but now renamed International Article Number even though the abbreviation EAN has been retained) is a 13 digit (12 data and 1 check) barcoding standard which is a superset of the original 12-digit Universal Product Code (UPC) system developed in 1970 by George J. Laurer.[1] The EAN-13 barcode is defined by the standards organization GS1.

An EAN-8 is a barcode and is derived from the longer European Article Number (EAN-13) code. It was introduced for use on small packages where an EAN-13 barcode would be too large; for example on cigarettes, pencils (though it is rarely used for pencils), and chewing gum packets. It is encoded identically to the 12 digits of the UPC-A barcode, except that it has 4 (rather than 6) digits in each of the left and right halves.

The Universal Product Code (UPC) is a barcode symbology (i.e., a specific type of barcode) that is widely used in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and in other countries for tracking trade items in stores.  The most common form, UPC-A, consists of 12 numerical digits, which are uniquely assigned to each trade item. Along with the related EAN barcode, the UPC is the barcode mainly used for scanning of trade items at the point of sale, per GS1 specifications.[1] UPC data structures are a component of GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers). All of these data structures follow the global GS1 specification which is based on international standards. Some retailers (clothing, furniture) do not use the GS1 System (other bar code symbologies, other article number systems). Other retailers use the EAN/UPC bar code symbology but without using a GTIN (for products brands sold at such retailers only).

1.  Steps on how to insert a EAN/UPC into PDF Page:

2. Access the properties:

3. Set the properties:

Here is the list of the properties.

String The text to be encoded. Only Digital Number 0-9 can be used.
Barcode Color The color of the bars
Text Color The color of the text
Position (Left, Right, Width, Height) The X and Y coordinate of the box to define the position and size of the barcode.
Scale The ratio of the displayed barcode to the actual barcode
Background Color The color of the background
Rotate The rotation degree from 3 clock relative to the barcode center
The distance from the barcode to the border of the background
Main Option DOS Command Default Sub Option
EAN Code Type -codeType   0 EAN13(0), EAN8(1), UPCA(2), UPCE(3), SUPP2(4), SUPP5 (5)
Show Guard Bars




1 FALSE (0) and TRUE (1)
Text Font Size -fontSize 8.0  
Text Base Line Distance -baseline 8.0  
Bar Height -barHeight 24.0  
Minimum Bar Width -X 0.8  
Text Over the Bar -textOverbar 0 FALSE (0) and TRUE (1)
Font Name -fontName Times New Roman  
Font Style -fontStyle 0 regular(0), bold(1), italic(2), bold and italics(3)
Reset Reset all the Sub Options to the default values
Action: Add Link, Submit, JavaScript and more ... See PDF Actions.
Get Barcode Image Save the barcode image as a PNG file after clicking OK.

4. Example:

Type String Image
EAN13 0123456789012
EAN8 01234567
UPCA 012345678901
UPCE 01234567
Supplemental 2


Supplemental 5



5. Screenshot:

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