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PDFill Group and Ungroup & Lock and Unlock Objects

(See Example PDF and Example PDFill Project File)

Group /Ungroup : To work faster, you can group  texts, shapes, pictures, or other objects. Grouping lets you flip, rotate, move, or resize all shapes or objects at the same time as though they were a single shape or object. The group object can be much complicated than each single object.

Lock /Unlock All : The Lock  function protects the PDFill object from editing. The locked object shows sign of and will not be selected by mouse. But, you can still use Tab key to select it. The Unlock All   function removes the locking property for all PDFill Objects in the current page.

You can save the group object for future use.

You can group the following PDFill Objects:

PDF Filler: Single Line TextMultiple Line Text, Check, or Image,

PDF Drawing: Line, Arrow, Rectangle, Circle/Ellipse/Arc/Pie, Basic Shapes or Curves

PDF Comment: Line, Arrow, Rectangle, Circle, Polyline, Polygon,  Cloud, or Pencil

You can ungroup a group of objects at any time and then regroup them later.

1. Group Object:

Step 1: Select Objects to be grouped

Method 1:

To select one or more objects, you can use the Multiple Selection by Mouse Dragging (Hold left mouse button to draw a box from left to right or from right to left).

Method 2:

  • Select Align Tools from Forms or Main Tool Bar.  Or Align Toolbar from Tabbed Toolbars.
  • Select the "Multiple Selection" Button if it is not selected
  • Click the objects for group. At least 2 objects are needed to be grouped

Step 2: Group

Method 1: Right click the empty area to Select Group Objects

Method 2: Select Edit Menu => Align Tools => Group Objects

Method 3: From Align Toolbar, click  and then select Group Objects :

You can scale, rotate, flip the grouped object. You can Cut, Copy, Paste, Move, Duplicate, Place Multiple Objects, Delete or Ungroup.  You can save the grouped object if you need to use it later.

Access the properties:

  • Click the Selection button first.
  • Click inside the line to highlight it and click Properties Button
  • Or, click the line and double-click again
  • Or, Key F4

Set the properties:

Here is the list of the properties.

Position (Left, Right, Width, Height) The X and Y coordinate of the box to define the position of the object.
Scale The scale of width and height inside PDF .
Lock aspect ratio The ratio of width and height will be kept as you change the size of object.
Relative to Original Size The original width and height will be used.
Rotate The rotation degree from 3 clock relative to the object center.

Enterprise User Only:

Fill Mode None,  Alternate, Winding. See details.
Line Wight The thickness of all lines inside Group
Line Dashed There are 8 Dashed Styles: Solid, Round Dot, Square Dot, Dash, Dash Dot, Long Dash, Long Dash Dot, Long Dash Dot Dot
Line Color The color for all lines inside Group
Fill Color The background color inside the group

2. Ungroup

To ungroup a group of shapes, pictures, or other objects (for example, if you want to move a group but leave one shape behind or make extensive changes to one shape without changing the other shapes), do the following:

  • Select the group object that you want to ungroup.

  • Do one of the following:
    Right click to show the menu and then click Ungroup .

Select Edit Menu => Align Tools => Ungroup Objects

From Align Toolbar, click  and then select Ungroup Objects

3. Screen Shot

(See Example PDF and Example PDFill Project File)


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