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New PDF Comment 5: Sticky Note Tool
(See Example PDF and Example PDFill Project File  )

A text annotation represents a sticky note attached to a point in the PDF document. When closed, the annotation appears as an icon; when open, it displays a pop-up window containing the text of the note in a font and size chosen by the viewer application.

Note: Adobe Reader will use its default font for PDF Commenting Text. So, the text style inside PDFill will be different than that inside Adobe Reader.
To exactly control  the text style (font encode, font name, font size, font style and rotation) in the PDF output , please use the Single Line Text or Multiple Line Text.
You can convert the Commenting Text into the Multiple Line Text from Edit Menu so that the text inside PDFill will match the text inside the PDF output.

1. Steps on how to create a Sticky Note Comment  to your PDF file:

or click the Sticky Note Tool button in the Comment Toolbar

2.  Access the properties:

3. Set the properties:

Here is the list of the properties.

Text String the content text string to be displayed for the annotation.
Spell Checker Verify the spelling of words in the text string box.
Author The author of the annotation.
Subject Text representing a short description of the subject being addressed by the annotation.

Note Color

The color for the border line.

Open Note

If set, the note will be open. If not set, the note will be closed.
Opacity The constant opacity value to be used in painting the annotation. This value applies to all visible elements of the annotation in its closed state (including its background and border) but not to the popup window that appears when the annotation is opened. The opacity vary from 0.0 (no contribution) to 1.0 (maximum contribution).
Icon Shape The name of an icon to be used in displaying the annotation. There are 7 standard names: Comment, Key, Note, Help, NewParagraph, Paragraph and Insert.

Position (Left, Right, Top, Bottom)

The X and Y coordinate of the box to define the position of the field.

Set this field as default

If set, the new field will have the same properties as this one.

4. Screenshot:

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