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PDF Document Management 16: Add Bates Numbering

Bates Numbering is a very useful method of indexing legal documents for easy identification and retrieval. You can apply a unique number to one document or to a whole set of documents.  You can also add alphanumeric prefix or suffix which might include text such as a set number, case number, firm name or date. The prefix and suffix can make it easier to recognize the central subject matter of the files.  You can start the numbering at any point and, when processing more than one document, continue the numbering across the documents.

There are options:

Here are the steps on how to Add Bates Numbering:

1. Choose Document Menu > Select a File for More Operations > Bates Numbering

or click Bates Numbering in the Document Toolbar.

2. The PDF Bates Numbering dialog box comes up:

Add the PDF files which will be Bates numbered. You can also drag and drop PDFs into this dialog. Arrange them in the order in which you want the Bates numbers to appear.

3. When you have added all the files to be Bates numbered and have the files in the desired sequence, click Next to set the PDF Bates Numbering Properties. 

4. Click Next to see the new PDF files with bates numbering.

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