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New PDF Comment 8: Play Video Tool
(See Example PDF and Example PDFill Project File  )

One of the great new features of PDF is the ability to play video that is embedded inside of the PDF file. That means your rich media content can travel along with your PDF file through email and across the web.

If you want to add a video to a PDF file, you need a media clip. For PDF versions 1.4 or earlier, only MOV, MPG, and AVI are supported; versions 1.5 and later support ASF, ASX, AVI, IVF, MLV, MP2, MPA, MPE, MPEG, MPG, MPV2, SPL, SWF, WM, WMP, WMV, WMX, and WVX.

1. Steps on how to add a video to your PDF file using Play Video Tool:

or click the Play Video Tool button in the Comment Toolbar

2. Access the properties:

3. Set the Properties:

Here is the list of the properties.


Web Link for the video file. Here are three tested examples:




Local File Select a File to play with Option "Embed into PDF.
File Display Name The file name inside the attachment. It must have a file type.
Mime Type

video/avi is used for avi, mpeg, mov

Play On Display If set, the video will play when this page is viewed. If not set, click this annotation to play.

Position (Left, Right, Top, Bottom)

The X and Y coordinate of the box to define the position of the field.

4. Screenshot:

Problem: Some Features Have Been Disabled to Avoid Potential Security Risks.
There are two methods to work around this issue: See details.

  1. Click "Trust this host one time only" when the security prompt appears. For the remainder of the time the PDF document is open the audio links will play when clicked without further prompts. When the document is closed and re-opened, or another PDF document is opened, clicking an audio link will trigger the security prompt to re-appear.
  2. Save the PDF document to the local hard drive, then open it with Adobeř Reader directly instead of using a web browser. The same security prompt will appear when an audio link is clicked, however the "Trust this host always" option will function as intended. Selecting this option will add the document to a list of trusted documents on the computer and will no longer trigger the security prompt when clicking an audio link in the document.

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