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Spell Checker for the Filled Texts

You can easily check the spelling of the filled texts using the spell check tool. This makes quick work of proofreading a filling document for spelling mistakes. Follow the steps below to find out how you can use spell check in PDFill PDF Editor.

1. Spell check on current text

Step 1:  There are four methods for the current text:

  • Press F7
  • Select Spell Current Text from Format Toolbar
  • Menu > Tool > Spell Current Text
  • Right click the left mouse button inside the current text box.  From the popup menu, select Spell Current Text.

Step 2: Use the Check Spelling Dialog

2. Spell check on current page

  • Press Ctrl + F7
  • Select Spell Texts on Current Page from Format Toolbar
  • Menu  Tool > Spell Texts on Current Page


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