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PDF Form Maker: PDF Form Field Recognition by Clicking

PDFill PDF Editor 12 has the ability to recognize PDF form fields by clicking, making it faster and easier to create dynamic forms in PDF.

You can test these 5 examples: 

Recognition Type Before Recognition After Recognition
Text Field Over Line Textbox_Over_line.pdf Textbox_Over_line_after.pdf
Text Field In a Box TextBox_in_Box.pdf TextBox_in_Box_after.pdf
Text Field With Combo Chars TextBox_Combo_Chars.pdf TextBox_Combo_Chars_after.pdf
Check Box in a Box CheckBox_in_Box.pdf CheckBox_in_Box_after.pdf
Radio Button In a Box RadioButton.pdf RadioButton_after.pdf

Step 1: Start PDFill PDF Editor from Desktop, select Menu File > New Project to Open PDF. Or, click  from Standard Toolbar.

Step 2: Choose Forms Menu or Forms Toolbar

Click "Form Field Recognition by Clicking" , select one type of form field recognition:

Step 3: Use the following table to click inside the PDF Page to get new PDF form fields:

Form Field Recognition Clicking  Before Clicking After Clicking
Text Field over a line

Over a line
Text Field inside a Box


Inside a box
Text Field with Combo Chars
by inside a Box

Inside one of the char box
Check box inside a Box

Inside a box
Radio Button by inside a Box

Inside a Box

Step 4. Save project file and save into a new PDF to see the effect inside Adobe Reader.

Step 5: If you need to edit each field, see details.

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