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New PDF Form Field: Push Button Form Field

(See Example PDF and Example PDFill Project File  )

A push button form field is a purely interactive control that responds immediately to the user input without retaining a permanent value. It is often used with PDF Action. You might create a button to create a URL Link, clear data in a form, or submit form data to a web address or email account.

In order to create a button to insert an image into the button area, you have to follow these steps on How to Create PDF Button Form Field to insert PDF with Image.

1.  Steps on how to create a Push Button PDF Form Field

or click  Push Button Tool in the Forms Toolbar.

2. To access form field properties:

3. Set Field Properties:

There are 4 tabs for the Combo Box Field.  Only Options Tab is different than that of Text Box field.
Please see the Text Box Field's tabs for General, Appearance, and Actions.

Field Caption The display title of the button.
Label and Icon Layout Label Only, Icon Only, Icon Top and Label Bottom, Label Top and Icon Bottom, Icon Left and Label Right, Label Left and Icon Right
Label Over Icon.

In order to create a button to insert PDF into this button area, you cannot select "Label Only" and you must select at least "Icon Only".

When to Scale Always, Never, Icon is Too Big, Icon is Too Small
Select Image Select an Image for Icon

4. Screenshot

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