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PDF Document Management 13: Attach a File into PDF Document

This function can attach any type of files to a PDF in a document level. If you move this PDF to a new location, the attachments move with it.

There are property options for file selection, file display name, content text string. You can add multiple file attachments.

You can also use PDF Commenting Annotation to attach a file in a specified location. (See Add File Attachment Comment)

Here are the steps on how to attach a file into a PDF document or change the Properties for Attach a File:

1. Choose Document Menu > Attach a File into PDF Document

or click Attach a File Button in the Document Toolbar.

2. Select a file to attach into the PDF Document.

3. The Attach a File dialog box comes up:


To add more files, click Select a File Button; To remove a file, Click Remove Button; You can use Move Up and Move Down Buttons to change the order of the attached files.

To edit a file item, click the Display Name, make some change and then Click Update Button.

4. Click Close to finish.

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